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Tennis Courts

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Please check the calendar below to ensure availability



Singles game only

Max 2 players per court

  • Singles game only
  • Courts 1 - 7
  • One to one games only
  • No spectators allowed
  • Score boards cannot be used
  • Maximum 2 players per court
  • Bring your own set of MARKED balls
  • Only to serve or pick up own balls and not opponent’s
  • Passing opponent’s balls using racquets is allowed
  • Only handle your own racket & personal (marked) tennis balls
  • Avoid changing ends or change on opposite sides of net
    • 7am – 10pm
    • Must be pre-booked online
    • Only 1 hour per game
    • Sanitizing spray bottles readily available at each court
    • Sanitise hands and racquets before and after playing or when needed
    • Maintain social distancing at all times (2m)
    • Players to arrive and leave the court at exact time of booking to avoid congestion
    • Allow others to leave court before you enter – wait away from the gates
    • Do not play if you feel unwell
    • Benches on side of court & scoring boards cannot be used

    For enquiries, please contact below on Monday to Friday except Public Holiday.  For Support after Office hours or Public holidays (8am to 5pm) and CANCELLATIONS at least 24 hours in advance via Whatsapp +673 8817370.

    1)  7am-11am:  Razali at 3372234 or

    2)  12noon-4pm:  Christina at 3372205 or

    Tennis Courts Calendar