Table Tennis @MPH Big Hall

Table Tennis @MPH Big Hall

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Please see below rules or click for more details.

  • Singles or Doubles
  • Max 4 players per court
  • 1 court only
  • 2 hours per slot
  • Bring own bat and marked balls
  • Only to serve or pick up own balls and not opponent’s
  • Passing opponent’s ball using bat is allowed.
  • Only handle your own bat & personal (marked) balls
  • Touch only your ball with hands
  • No physical contact sports and no sharing of equipment
  • Sanitize hands and bats before and after each game or when needed
  • Sanitizing spray bottles readily available at the court
  • Avoid changing ends or change on opposite sides of table
  • Do not sit on marked areas on benches
  • Players arrive & leave the court at exact time of booking

Please contact below names or WhatsApp to +673 8279600  between 8am to 6pm for inquiries on Online Booking login and password, Booking for the same day or Cancellation at least 24 hours in advance as to give free slot to others.

Please provide below details for online booking login activation if not yet:

  • Full Name
  • Club Membership Number
  • Email Address (please take note that to allow 2nd booking on the same date & time of the same club membership, a different email address is required).


Phone Numbers
during Office hours
(Monday to Friday)

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