Club Annual Report & Minutes of Panaga Club Annual General Meeting (AGM)

2015 Panaga Club Annual Report
2016 Panaga Club Annual Report
2017 Panaga Club Annual Report
2018 Panaga Club Annual Report

Minutes of Panaga Club 71st AGM
Minutes of Panaga Club 72nd AGM
Minutes of Panaga Club 73rd AGM
Minutes of Panaga Club 74th AGM

Fire Action Plan

Insurances (Updated: 2/8/2017): (CLICK HERE)

Key Handling Procedures – Effective 25/9/2017 No Club Membership Card, No Key: (CLICK HERE)

Live Wind Data at Panaga Beach: (CLICK HERE) 

Maintenance Calendar Plan (Updated: 4 August 2017): (CLICK HERE)

Panaga Club Swimming Pool – Water Sample Readings

January 2020
February 2020
March 2020
April 2020

Safety Information: (CLICK HERE)

Swimming Pool Schedule – Update: February 2020 : (CLICK HERE)

Swimming Pool Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) : (CLICK HERE)

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