Dinghy Sailing


Dinghy sailing is an exciting and sportive way to enjoy the water and the wind.

General Information:

Wind, water and a boat can be a dangerous combination.  Get trained to become a competent sailor, wear a personal floatation device (swim vest) and always arrange a shore watch and a sailing buddy.

Sun and heat – protect yourself against sunburn and dehydration by covering yourself with a rash vest, hat and sunscreen and drink plenty of water.

Large vessels are common on the Belait-river.  Their speed can be deceivingly fast, watch them and stay out of their way.

Floating debris are most common on the Belait-river, especially, but not exclusively, during the monsoon and after heavy rainfall.  Watch the water for floating debirs and avoid it.

Crocodiles live in the Belait-river and may travel via the sea.  Large crocodiles are dangerous for people, especially in the river.  Do not swim in the river, stay away from the shallow mud flats along the shores and when you get stuck, do not get out of your boat but wait for help.  It is advisable to arrange a powerboat to be active on the river during sailing as crocodiles tend to stay away from this noise.

Jelly Fish occur from time to time in the South China Sea.  The large white ones have short tentacles that are only a mild nuisance.  The small transparent ones have very long tentacles that can do a lot of damage, including permanent scarring.  Cover your skin with a rash vest and legging to prevent being stung.

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