Indian Section - Bollywood Night on 29 February 2020

Bollywood is the informal term popularly used for the Indian cinematic film industry based in the city of Mumbai (previously called Bombay). It is one of the largest film production centers in the world, and Bollywood films are distributed worldwide.

“Bollywood Nite” is an event that provides an evening of music, dance and great Indian food for the Panaga community. 2020 marks the sixth edition for this event. This year’s event pays tribute to one of the most timeless Bollywood movie themes, and one that is almost synonymous with many of the most popular movies over the past decades: ROMANCE.

The theme of “Love Aaj Kal” (meaning Love Nowadays, or literally translated to “Love Today Tomorrow”) is drawn from the 2009 romantic comedy drama film, which portrays the feeling of pure love which never changes even though the perspective of recognizing one’s soulmate may change over time.  A sequel of the same name is due for release on 14th February 2020.  The romance genre in Bollywood is extremely diverse, ranging from romantic melodramas to romcoms and romantic action films, not to mention the numerous songs and dance scenes.  Romance films have evolved over the years with the changing society – from sweet & subtle to bold.  A full range of emotions are evoked in these films, and key romantic moments evoke tears of joy and sorrow.

Get ready for the most RESPLENDENT, ROMANTIC and MOST REFINED party in Panaga where all the lovebirds and secret admirers gather as we transform “49” into a glamorous paradise for one night only.

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