Call From The Last Straw

The Last Straw is looking for people interested to take on a few different projects of a defined scope; all could bolster your CV, be fun and accomplish something great at the same time! Don’t let your skills go to waste. Any of these can be done by more than one person, of course, so team up with a friend if you prefer.

  • Upgrade the natural surroundings of the Club to support wildlife and environment and beautify the surroundings.

  • Sustainable Good Store: Source a range of items to be sold at a venue at the Panaga Club. Look at opportunities to source locally.

  • TooGoodtoGo: implement this program from Europe for reducing food waste in Brunei

Click through for full descriptions. If you’re interested, please reach out to The Last Straw at our email address:

1) Project briefs:
Enthusiastic botanist/landscape architect to review and upgrade the natural surroundings of the Panaga Club environs

Work with The Last Straw, Panaga Natural History Society and the Panaga Club to review the current state of planting and plants around the Panaga Club premises. Subsequently propose and execute a plan to beautify the surroundings, create long-term benefits from tree plantings and reduced grass cutting etc, and support wildlife and local ecosystems (with sources of food, flowering plants, nesting opportunities etc). Budget can be made available to acquire plants etc if required, execution method to be determined and agreed. Ideally there is focus on native plants that do not require frequent watering, are appropriate for the seashore environment (where applicable) etc. Support could be provided by groups such as the UBD Botanical Research Centre and others.

The scope would be the beachfront area, around the padangs, the golf course, the Club parking areas, the interior and exterior of the Club buildings and around the pools. If you have the knowledge and/or interest to make this happen (either alone or with someone else), please reach out to us.

2) Sustainable Goods store
Are you commercially minded, environmentally conscious and want to make an impact and a difference? The Last Straw, of the Panaga Club, is looking for someone to take on a project to launch a small store at the Club that can offer sustainable and environmentally friendly items for sale to member and other local residents. This is an opportunity to use your commercial and entrepreneurial skills to get a business off the ground, using market research to see what the demand is, to contract for products, to identify new sources of products rooted in the local economy and to engage your mind in a challenging activity that you can reference on your Curriculum Vitae. The objective is to allow club members and other local residents to have more ready access to more environmentally sustainable products, as well as alternatives to items that they currently use. The store hours would be limited initially, and potentially expanded over time.

Currently, The Last Straw is already offering a very limited number of such items for sale at the Panaga Club. These articles are sold on behalf of another company and The Last Straw retains a small commission on the sales. There is an opportunity to do much more in this area through the direct sourcing of items for sale, either through local contracts or from abroad, linking with schools and cooperation with other like-minded parties.

Benefits would be:
1) increased use of more environmentally friendly products
2) increased awareness of alternatives to currently available products
3) encouraging other local stores to stock more environmentally friendly products
4) raising some extra funds for The Last Straw, helping to create sustainable local businesses
5) offering products for sale at lower prices than currently typically available in Brunei, thereby expanding their reach and allowing them to compete directly with alternatives.

3) Too Good to Go
TooGoodToGo is an international initiative that seeks to reduce the amount of food waste. It partners with stores, restaurants and other to provide a way for them to find outlets for their surplus food and meals.

This is from the website:
“What is food waste? There is food lost or wasted all along the chain from farm to table. And it’s not just the food itself that goes to waste, it’s all the resources that went into making it, from water to land and labour. When wasted, food has a harmful effect on the environment - it’s responsible for 8% of the global greenhouse gas emissions!

The food waste that we deal with here at Too Good To Go is all the delicious, perfectly edible food that stores and restaurants have to throw out at the end of the day. This can range from bakeries that need to bake fresh everyday to supermarkets that have groceries that weren’t sold and restaurants that didn’t sell all the food they had catered for that day.”

Are you interested in investigating whether we can bring this to Brunei and working to establish it here? Then this could be an opportunity for you!

And of course if you’re generally interested in The Last Straw and environmental improvement, please also get in touch.