Tri-fit Weekly Schedule - 1st - 6th June 2020

Dear Tri-Fit Members

Welcome back and thank you for supporting Korn throughout his Facebook live classes.

Below schedule for the week beginning 1st June.
As you can see it is a much reduced timetable at the moment due to current restrictions but hopefully we will back running at full strength soon.  We are also very restricted on what classes can take place, for example; No sharing of equipment.  If the class you normally attend requires an exercise mat you must provide your own for the time being.

All members must abide by the club rules regarding entry to the facilities and booking of classes.

Class capacity is much reduced so members can observe the required distance between themselves.

Small MPH 8 members + instructor
Big MPH 14 members + instructor
Skatepark 5 members + instructor

Enjoy your classes.  Korn is looking forward to seeing you all 😊

Online Booking is now available. 

For inquiry please contact below on Monday to Friday except Public Holidays.
For Support after office hours or public holidays: or Whatsapp +673 8817370.

Please provide below details:
1)  Full Name
2)  Club Membership Number
3)  Email Address
Please take note that to allow 2nd booking on the same date & time of the same club membership, a different email address is required. 



Phone Number

Email Address

7.00am to 11.00am



12.00pm to 4.00pm