Coach Domingo Tennis Lesson Will Be Cancelled From 20 December - 4 January 2020

Coach Domingo is going on leave from Friday 20.12.2019 until Saturday 04.01.2020.

All tennis lesson under him will be cancelled during the said period!

As for the lessons from 16.12.2019 until 19.12.2019 below is the alternate schedule:

Morning Private Lessons:

0630H - 0715H normal schedule.

0715H onwards are all cancelled to give way to the Junior Tennis Camp

Kids Group Lessons:

1. Monday (1600H, 1645H, 1730H) & Thursday (1730H)-Regrouped to Monday (1645H)

2. Tuesday (1600H, 1645H)- Regrouped to Monday (1600H)

3. Wednesday (1645H, 1730H) & Thursday (1600H, 1645H)- Regrouped to Wednesday (1645H)

4. Tuesday (1730H), Wednesday (1600H) & Friday (1645H) - Regrouped to Wednesday (1645H)

5. Friday (1600H), Saturday (1600H, 1645H) - Regrouped to Tuesday (1600H)

6. Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday (1500H) @ MPH - Regrouped to Wednesday (1500H) @ MPH

Evening private lessons during the period are on normal schedule.

For queries, contact Coach Domingo at +6738769154.