Weekly Spotlight - Swimming Section

The Stingrays Swimming Section has over 50 classes for all age groups and abilities in swimming.

For children, StingRays has 2 types of lessons:- Group and Private. 

For adults beginners we offer private lessons, for intermediate and advance level we offer Master class.

We have  Aquafit Classes for adults want to get fit in the cool of the pool.

Lesson Structure:

Stingrays effectively has 9 swimming levels of group lessons to develop children's swimming ability. 

This starts with:

  • Baby Rays - for 2-3 yrs old children

From 3 years, all levels are based on ability - technique in each stroke starting with freestyle (front crawl) and backstroke and the distance each child can comfortably swim without stopping.

Our main swimming programme has 8 levels conducted by Head Coach Gianfranco, Coach Salmah and Coach Aaron.

Our final groups are our Junior Squad (7-9 yrs old) and Competition Squad. Children in this group are invited by the Head Coach to train for and participate in local and International competitions.

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Stingrays Lesson Registration form on the Panaga Club website