Jungle Tots - Half Term Sessions

Jungle Tots usually follows the school terms and holidays and as it is half term next week I would usually be putting out a notice to say we will be shut next week, however.. your wonderful Jungle Tots session leads have offered to open up next week and we have a full schedule for our Members who are staying home for the holidays!

All sessions are at Jungle House, 10-11 am, for members only, aged 5 and under.

Monday: Jungle Play and Bumps & Babies (thanks Nikki!)

Tuesday: Jungle Tumble (thanks Leanne!)

Wednesday: Jungle Jingles (thanks Katharine!)

Thursday: Jungle Play (thanks Emma!)

Friday: Jungle Tumble (thanks Rachel!)

Safe travels and happy holidays for those who are away and if you are in Panaga please pop by and enjoy the sessions! 😎