Gym Chairman’s Update

Good day and welcome back to Panaga after the summer break,

Firstly, I would like to introduce myself, I’m Mario Testa and I work at SAV SAR and as you may be aware I took over as gym chairman earlier this year at the AGM.

The gym is in a rebuilding process working from a position last year of a committee of two and no gym manager to now full committee working hard to get the gym to a standard the Panaga Club members deserve. Hopefully you will have seen the start of this process and to date the following has been achieved:

*Repairing broken items and servicing of all machines.

*Recovering of torn benches.

*Deep clean of gym floor.

*Purchasing of new equipment.

*Installation of Cuckoo water dispenser.

*Implementation of a quarterly service plan.

Looking to the future we are working towards the hiring of a new gym manager which will then allow 1 to 1 and group training. We also have the ongoing issue to repair the unserviceable air conditioning units, which is a slow process, and the introduction of new cardio equipment.

As a volunteer committee, working with the Panaga Club staff, we are doing our utmost to give you a high quality facility but this cannot happen without each member doing their bit.

All around the gym are posters reminding you of gym etiquette and in each induction new members are also informed of this but as a polite reminder you are responsible for the following:

*Ensuring you are wearing appropriate attire.

*If you use the equipment, you need to put it away in the proper place. Weights should never be left on bars nor dumbells off the rack. Burn the extra calories by putting all equipment away properly and leave the gym tidy for the next user.

*Respect the equipment and other members of the Panaga Club, do not drop weights on the floor. If you are having to drop them they are too heavy.  Control lifting is the key to the best gains.

*Bring and use a towel. There is also paper towel and disinfectant spray to wipe down equipment after use. Please ensure you use it.

*Keep conversations to a low level and consider other gym users.

*Do not switch off or adjust the aircons, many of the problems we have encountered which are causing the aircons to break are due to the tops being shut down whilst still operating. On a similar note please do not open the windows or doors.

*Gym cards are issued to individual members on completion of a safety induction. Please do not lend them to anyone else.

We are looking to create a positive and friendly environment for all our members. If you have any suggestions please do not hesitate to get in touch. We hope that with our program of improvements the Panaga Club Gym will continue to provide an effective and inspiring facility for you to train in.

Enjoy and train hard,

Gym Committee Chairman
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