Socially Distant March TT Results

Hi All,

I hope everyone enjoyed the late march TT. Below I have comprised the results. Please check you position. There was some difficulty for some to compleet 5 k and they ran slight under 5k. For those I had to extrapolate to 5k in order to create a comparable result. If your result is missing please send me the proof of your run in a reply to this email and I will add your time. Please keep in mind you had to have run this TT before end of last week.

As this was the first solo TT event, with out time keeping. We will take onboard the learnings from this event to create the April TT, which should would start next week. More info will follow.

Also I will send the Jan-Jun competition scores out shortly.

Please keep running!


- We meet weekly at the Panaga Club beach shelter Monday and Friday @ 1745 for a run (except when there is a TT)

- Every month there is time trial (TT) with a 5k and 10k distance organised at different locations with varying routes (details announced by e-mail).

- Sunday 30 June: The Annual Panas Panaga Half Marathon (and quarter)

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