Panas April TT (SOLO)

Dear Runners

Given the success of March virtual TT held few weeks ago we are back with April virtual TT incorporating some learnings from the last event.

The route has been set for 5km and 10km runs and tho distances have different routes. Its an all road run through Panaga camp and flags are well marked however we do occasionally see monkeys fiddling with the flags so please familiarize with the route before you set out. Some details of the 5km and 10km route is mentioned below.

General rules for virtual TT:

1) Please run the route by your self and track your own time (most of us use GPS watches anyway)

2) Let us know your time through Strava. I have created April Panas Virtual TT segments so everyone should be able to see their position in the 5k/10k race (please make sure you make this activity public in Strava, otherwise it will not appear as a segment attempt).

3) Start few meters before start line and run few meters past finish line to make sure any GPS inaccuracy doesn't miss your segment in Strava. Also please stick to the path/road or else GPS may not count you for the segment

4) If you do not use Strava, you can send your result with proof to

5) Virtual TT open untill May 8th. Best timing of multiple attempts will be considered. Run as many times as you want - there is also a prize for that ;)

We will award some prizes for this TT in different categories.

- Best picture - Please send us an athletic or funny picture of your TT attempt. We will use some of your submissions, in the next outpost newsletter.  If you post on Strava/Faccebook/Instagram (please tag Panas :)

- Newbies - Have a non Panas friend take part in virtual TT (while adhering to social distancing)

- Try Try again - The person with the maximum number of TT attempts during the open period (5k and 10k, two prizes)

What the prizes are will remain a surprise till the end of the TT, but they will be worth it ;)

5km Route Details: Its an Out and back loop starting in F6 and going to F1 and back

START: In front of House F6/24 by the two lines on road near to 20kmh traffic sign (2 flags are marked) - best to start few meters before this line

TURNAROUND: At the end of F1 road at the Tee intersection. Please run all the way to the 5 flags and then turn back

FINISH: Same as start (run few meters past finish line)

10km Route Details: F6 to near HQ, Loop around SMP 259-6 back to F6 past start line, run to E1, Loop E1 clockwise and same way back to F6 to run past start line

START: In front of House F6/24 by the two lines on road near to 20kmh traffic sign (2 flags are marked) but heading in the opposite direction to 5km run (you are heading towards HQ) - best to start few meters before this line

Loop Near HQ : Note a small loop just before that metal bridge that takes us to HQ parking area. Its on a quiet mostly unused SMP 259-6, flags are marked.

Towards E1: Head to E1 and loop it clockwise, nn the return from E1, make sure you run the same way back in F1.

FINISH: Same as start (run few meters past finish line)

Enjoy the run and keep your social distance.

- We meet weekly at the Panaga Club beach shelter Monday and Friday @ 1745 for a run (except when there is a TT)
- Every month there is time trial (TT) with a 5k and 10k distance organised at different locations with varying routes (details announced by e-mail).
- Sunday 30 June: The Annual Panas Panaga Half Marathon (and quarter)
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- Drop us an e-mail if you know somebody who might be interested to be included in the mailing list.