Panas April TT Results

Dear All,

Thank you for your participation in the April Solo TT. This was our monthly TT which we had to adapt to suit the COVID-19 restrictions. You had to do run any time following our set route and using your own gps to record the run. We can see your result using the strava segments functionality. I am happy to see so many people have participated. If you did not have a chance to participate not to worry we will set our next TT some time next week. The results of the April TT you can find below swell as your position in the PANAS JAN-JUL CHAMPIONSHIP.

And the winners of the APRIL TT are....

Fastest Female 5k: Chloe Clarke 21:52

Fastest Male 5k: Andy Hudson 18:03

Fastest Female 10k: Jo Hudson 47:03

Fastest Male 10k: Chetan Anand 44:29

This race was not just to see who can run the fastest but also for the most attempts and most original race photo and a special recognition to new members joining our clan.

Most attempts: 

- Michelle Brown (5 attempts at the 5k)

- Vipin Tyagi (3 attempts at the 10k, 3rd time is a charm :))

Coolest Picture:

- Michelle Brown

- Andy Hudson

- Jenna Anand

Newbies to Panas are:

Sandra Gierman

Lilli-Ella Hudson

Prizes go to:

Chloe Clarke

Jenna Anand

Chetan Anand

Michelle Brown

Any Hudson

Jo Hudson

Lily-Ella Hudson

Vipin Tyagi

Sandra Gierman

(I will only give one prize per person)

Please let me know if and when you will show up to our regular Monday or Friday run and I can make sure to get you your prize then.

I really appreciate the fact that almost everyone used Strava for the recording of race times , this makes administering so much easier and less ambiguous. We will keep this approach for our next solo TT.

Please look out for our next TT coming soon!

See you this afternoon 17:45 at the beach shelter!




- We meet weekly at the Panaga Club beach shelter Monday and Friday @ 1745 for a run (except when there is a TT)
- Every month there is time trial (TT) with a 5k and 10k distance organised at different locations with varying routes (details announced by e-mail).

- Sunday 30 June: The Annual Panas Panaga Half Marathon (and quarter)

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