New Membership Cards

We are excited to tell you that the cards are available for collection! You can collect the cards at the Members Services Department, Ground Floor of the main building during office opening hours from 7.00am to 4.00pm.
The new membership cards will allow you to pass through the turnstiles and keycard access by just tapping it on the system. You are able to access all areas depending on the Club rules where areas are limited to Children and Child Carers.
This is to enhance facility operations and improve the physical security of the facilities for the safety of the Club members. 


When will the Turnstiles be activated?

The turnstiles will start initialize 1st March, 2020. As such, we advise all members to collect their cards before it is activated.

Where are the Turnstiles and Keycard Entries located?

Turnstiles are located at 2 entrances: Main Building and Golf Area.

Keycard Entries are located at 3 entrances: Gym, Swimming Pool and Multipurpose Hall.

What happens during emergencies and power outages?

You may contact our security guards at 337 5980. They are available 24/7 in the event of emergencies and loss of turnstile functions.

Is there a different accessibility?

Yes, there's also a wider turnstile to accommodate wheelchairs and deliveries. Our security guards or Club Attendants will be available to assist when required.

How about Day/Week passes?

Temporary visitors are able to access the areas using their passes. A drop box will be provided at the Main Entrance for temporary visitors to return their cards.

What happens if I exit after closing time?

The Club operating times are from 7.00am to 10.30pm. Some of the facilities would close much earlier such as Gym closes at 9.30pm. The turnstiles and keycard access are scheduled accordingly and will operate automatically. As a result, the system will not allow you to exit and you will need to contact the Security Guards for assistance. It is advised to exit earlier to avoid the complications.

For further information on opening hours, you may visit our website at the bottom of the page and click "Opening Times".

What if I haven't submitted a complete form or renewed?

The turnstiles will operate on 1st March, 2020 to give ample time for Club Members, to confirm their information and collect their new membership cards from Members Services Department.

Otherwise, you will be directed to the department to fill in and complete a new form prior to using the facilities. It is recommended for all Club Members to check and review their forms. This includes Child Carers and Junior Members.

What if I left my new membership card?

It would be best to bring your membership card at all times. In the event that you have forgotten, you will be required to sign-in at the security desk and the Security Guards will assist you in entering the main building. However, you will have limited entries to areas that requires card access.


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