Swimming Pools

Dear Members,

We take a lot of pride in maintaining the standards in and around our Swimming Pools.  However, we realize that it is time to send a reminder to everyone about one of the most important safety aspects about the usage of the swimming pools with supervision following frequent pool fouling incidences and unsupervised of young children in and around the pool areas.

  • All small children who are not toilet trained, or only recently so, MUST wear a swim nappy (available for purchase at the Club) and MAY ONLY BE in the small pool;
    The fouling incident not only does it cause loss of access to a key Club feature, it also costs the Club thousands of dollars in chemicals with each instance of fouling.

  • No unsupervised children under 14 years of age are allowed in or around the swimming pools or surrounding areas of the pools defined by the barriers;

  • Children under the age of 14 must be supervised and accompanied at all times by an adult family member or their appointed representative (a Panaga Club Member over 18 years of age) who is within the pool area. Watching your child from the Cafeteria or Gym, for example, is not considered to be adequate supervision;

  • NO LIFEGUARDs and POOL WARDENs on Duty at any time – the safety of you and your children is YOUR responsibility

  • All persons using the swimming pool must take a shower before entering the pool enclosure;

  • NO footwear (except for “operational reasons”)

We expect and strongly encourage everyone to commit to understand on the Club Rules on Swimming Pool Standard Operating Procedure, for your children and for yourselves.

Panaga Club Management

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