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Dear Members,

Thank you for striving towards a greener environment by using the Club’s recycle bins! You may have noticed that sometimes the bins are very full or completely full. Please do not place your recyclables next to the bins in this case, they tend to get all over and cause a lot of litter problems. You can however help to ensure that the bins can hold more recyclables by doing the following. This also means more can fit into the collection trucks thereby reducing the environmental impact of transporting the recyclables.

  • Crush cans, bottles and paper boxes as much as possible. For plastic bottles, remove the cap, crush the bottle, or step on it, then replace the cap. For boxes, undo the top and bottom to fold flat.

  • Only place materials in the bins that can be recycled – the wrong or dirty materials can ruin the value of the shipment thereby making recycling uneconomic and unattractive.

    • For Plastics – ONLY Type 1 PET, and Type 2 HDPE. (these numbers can be found embossed on the plastic or printed on the plastic. They are represented by the number 1 or 2 in the circular recycling arrows logo. No Other Types of plastic please – their presence in the bins threatens the viability of the program.

    • For metals, only aluminium and steel cans. Please ensure these are clean and crushed as much as possible. Place sharp lids inside steel cans to avoid injury when cans are removed from the bins.

    • No plastic or metal from e.g. beach clean-ups unless very clean. Value of the recyclables is determined by cleanliness. Dirty materials are priced much lower than clean ones and may result in rejection of an entire shipment.

  • If the recycling bins at the Panaga Club are full, there may be capacity in the recycling bins at the BSRC Club (located there on the west end of the main building).

If the above are not options, you may choose to either dispose of your recyclables at:

  • Green Depot: 8km away from Panaga Club, see map below and you may find them easily in Google Map and Waze for direction as well as Facebook and Instagram for more information.

  • Tzu Chi recycling center: in Kuala Belait – you can find the location in Google Maps. The centre is located at the end of a dead-end street in a residential house. Just leave your recyclables in the correct spot under the carport behind the house

 Thank you for your support of our recycling initiatives and for helping to keep the environment around the Club clean.


Jalan Panglima.

No. 1, Simpang 24-29, Jalan Panglima, Kuala Belait

Opening Hours: 2pm to 4pm

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