Precious Music School Grand Music Recital

November 23, 2019

Precious Music School, Kuala Belait, just had their Grand Music Recital which had three sessions throughout the day; Rock & Pop, Classical 1, and Classical 2. It showcases performances from the students ranging from beginners to intermediate, with musical skills in Piano, Guitar, Ukelele, Drums, Violin, Vocals, Flute, etc. The event was led by Precious Music School teachers; Via Ayla Felias, Michael Greg Tomas, Jonah Guimare, and Jastine B. Montecillo. The recital was exclusively only for the recitalist and their own guests.

The first session, which is Sounds & Beats: Through The Years (Rock & Pop Recital), kicked off with an introduction video with special guest message from Ed Sheeran wishing everyone good luck and have fun. Some early students performances from the session includes ‘Brave’ by Tanitolowa Ogundele, and Ruby Umogu, Sukhairy bin Sukaimi, ‘Blue’  by Pietro Ficarra, ‘I’m Yours’ by Han Jian Ding, and many more. There was also a Ukulele and Percussion Ensemble Performed by the students with Ed Sheeran's Shape of You song.

The Rock and Pop Recital ended with its last performer Tise Ogundele as he played to the beat of Jump by Van Halen. One second recital, which is ‘Classical 1’, showcases beginners students’ performance, prep students from ages 5-10yrs old, which includes ‘Itsy, Bitsy Spider’ by Lennet Phillips, ‘You are my Sunshine’ by Adelia Norlita, ‘Sailing’ by Angel Sii, and many more. There was also a duet by Bard Badree Baker and Via Ayla of ‘A Whole New World’ and more students showcasing their vocal talents. Classical 1 ended with the students singing altogether to the song "Music Has Brought Us Together."

Finally, there’s ‘Classical 2’ which showcases advance performers from ‘Three Thousand’ by Hazig Aidil, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ by Karina Isabel, ‘My Brass Band’ by Abimifoluwa Akinloye, and many more. Each session ended with a certificate presentation, photo opp and refreshments. The recital were not only of children, and teens but also grown performers from Ene Enayi Ogah performing to ‘I know Where I’ve been’, and Bard Badree Baker performing ‘This is the Moment’. There also a guest performer Marichu Roberts on violin, who played ‘Yesterday’, and ‘Love Me Tender’. The event ended with all the students and teacher singing to the song ‘Circle of Life’ from The Lion King. The whole event was fun and successful.

Credit to Panaga Club for providing the pianos for the event. You can Contact for more information regarding party and audio equipment for hire. Precious Music School is a registered institution by Ministry of Education, Brunei, which offers wide range of Music Graded Examination in all levels from Prep to Grade 8 for both practical and theory. Visit Precious Music School on social media, or contact, for more information.  

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