Party And Audio Equipment Hire From Panaga Club

Did you know that in addition to venue hire, the Club also has equipment for hire to make your (home) party organization a piece of cake? The full list of items and prices can be found online (look under Equipment and Furniture; then select the type of item to see the options available).

Items for rent include low tables and small chairs (up to ~50) for children’s parties, a variety of audio speakers, amplifiers, cordless mic’s, keyboard’s, full drum sets, mixing panels and disco lights. If you’re interested to hire equipment, please fill out the request form online (Kids Furniture and Audio Equipment)

For Venue hire, the Club offers many facilities including the Jungle House, MPH, Meeting rooms (large and small), Main Hall, Padang, Poolside Shelter and Jam Factory. The Jam Factory is the perfect place to practice with a band and includes equipment and wiring for minimal fuss. Catering for all events is available from the Club caterers who will be happy to work with you to make your event a success. (No outside catering on Club premises please.)

Please contact the Club Member Services Office if you need help logging in to the website to order items.

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