Let’s Keep Panaga Club Safe

February 2019, News -

Let’s Keep Panaga Club Safe

Panaga Club is continuously working on improving the facilities and experiences we provide to our members, this includes security at the club.

We want our near 2,500 members to feel at home during their leisure time and will be increasing our efforts to ensure we know who is on the club premises at any time.

We want to make certain that no one without a valid membership card is allowed entry to the club.

As part of this many of you may be asked to present your family membership cards upon entry. Do not worry if you have left yours home that day, you can tell us your name and membership number and we will confirm this in our system.

We want to thank you for your help and assistance with this as members of staff may approach you in the coming weeks and months.

If you are not yet a member and do not want to miss out get in touch with us by emailing ambrose.ling@panagaclub.com. You can also try our 1-day membership to see if we are the right leisure club for you.

Why join? Panaga Club offers a wide range of over 40 activities to its members as well as access to an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, gym, two pools and a restaurant.