Tree Planting Project - Choose Your Tree

Dear Members,

As you know, trees bring so much to our environment: they create a home for wildlife, drama and structure and provide natural shade at the Club.  The management team at the Panaga Club will be embarking on a campaign to plant more indigenous trees at the club.

When selecting which trees to plant we have considered the following factors:

1.    Height and spread of canopy and root system
2.    Proximity to Club infrastructure
3.    Environmental factors – such as soil type and proximity to the sea
4.    Safety

The Club will place a display board at the entrance within January 2021 with a few options of appropriate trees and we would like members to vote for their favorites and also can do online.

There are however some trees at the Club that need to be removed as they are in danger of falling and causing either serious injury or significant and costly damage to our infrastructure.  Although it is always sad to take out mature trees, we are unfortunately in the position where unmanaged trees may result in a dangerous and/or costly event.  During the process to identify the trees that require removal the Club has collaborated closely with the Government Forestry department.  The removal will start on Wednesday, 6th January 2021 onwards.  We advise all members to use Gate F or Gate C when heading towards the Beach Hut.

Management recognize that tree removal does in the short term mean less shade or a visually less appealing club environment however a long term strategy to actively manage the type and location of trees at the Club will result in a safer, more sustainable and beautiful club.  For every tree that is removed, the Club will plant three indigenous trees.

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite tree!

Panaga Club Management