Panaga Golf Club Guidelines For (PGC)

  1. Members ONLY. 

  2. Always maintain 2 metre social distance

  3. NO lingering at the Club before/after activities. Avoid any physical contact (e.g. Handshakes). Avoid touching face with hands. Players must use own towels to wipe face and hands.

  4. Golf course and Driving Range must be booked ONE DAY in advance in compliance to MCYS/MOH guideline. Booking using the following numbers +673 337 3142 / +673 337 5958, please call between 9am and 4pm.

  5. Any person who does not comply with the rules will NOT BE ALLOWED to book any further golf activities during this time of restrictions

Specific Rules for Golf Course

  1. Golf course tee times must be booked ONE DAY in advance – stating names and membership numbers of those in your flight. Bookings can be made for 9 holes – Back or Front nine at 15-minute intervals starting at 7am, last tee time at 5pm.

  2. Members only, no walk-in, no reciprocal members and no guests. You will be required to carry your Panaga Club Membership card as well as the PGC section membership card

  3. Members must sign in and sign out using the BruHealth app and QR code displayed at the PGC gate and a temperature check will be carried out

  4. Sanitize your hands before starting your round

  5. Maximum of 2 players per flight, please be on time, if you are late you will forfeit your tee time

  6. Maximum of 9 holes per member per day (will be reviewed within two weeks)

  7. Only one person per buggy 

  8. Golfers to leave flag sticks in the hole – do not touch, and pick up putts within 1 foot of the hole

  9. There will be no rakes at bunkers - please use a preferred lie

Specific Rules for Golf Range and Shop

  1. Members only are allowed on the golf range and shop. Own clubs only – no club rental

  2. Driving Range times must be booked one day in advance – stating names and membership.

  3. Temperature check will be carried out

  4. 7 bays will be available and two practice greens – maintain 2 metres distance at all times.

    Slots available for booking :

    8am - 9am

    9.30am – 10.30am

    11am – 12noon

    3pm – 4pm

    4.30pm – 5.30pm

    6.30pm – 7.30pm

    8pm – 9pm


  5. Collect balls from shop for range – you will be asked to confirm your name and show your membership card or if a members guest – you will pay an additional range fee

  6. Maximum of 3 customers in the shop at any one time

  7. Do not pick up balls from the range (they will be collected and disinfected up to 2 times per day)

The club will ensure the following:

  • Anything “touchable” (buggy, counters, pens, door handles, etc) will be sanitised regularly

  • Anything “touchable” on the course has been removed (bunker rakes and ball washers)

  • Sanitizer will be available to wash your hands

If you do not comply with the above rules, you will be expelled from the course. The committee will review the above guidelines and amend them as appropriate – please give any feedback on the arrangements to the club office or on  email via


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