Panaga Club Activities during COVID19 (1st Amendment)

Panaga Club Management can now offer a small number of activities to resume at the Club as of Wednesday, 20th May 2020.

The Club opens for activities from 7am to 6pm except 8am at Jungle House and MPH.  The activities will continue on extended hours from 1st June 2020, more details to follow.

Members are to use the Club only for the allowable activities set out below and not for socialising.  As the situation changes so will the offering of permissible activities.

The overarching principles we have applied when assessing which activities will be permissible are:

  • No sharing of equipment
  • No physical multiple touchpoints (direct or indirect eg. tennis ball, shuttlecock, football, etc)
  • Solo/Single activities
  • Maintain physical distancing of 2 meters apart
  • Indoor activity at 30% capacity

Further to this the club will operate on a one directional system so please obey the signs and do not loiter or stop to have close conversations.  Please also note that while toilets will be open, the locker/changing facilities will remain closed.

If in doubt about any of this guidance please seek guidance from the Club Manager.

General Rules

  1. Scan QR code upon entry and exit from facilities. The Club will be able to reject your attendance if QR code is not available upon entry.
  2. Members only, NO day/week passes or guests allowed.
  3. NO lingering at the Club before/after activities. All activities MUST be pre-booked minimum 1-day in advance except for PANAS. Please arrive and leave as close to your slotted times as possible.
  4. Activities are limited to 1 hour per person per day. All contact activities are prohibited and NO sharing of equipment is allowed.
  5. Minimum 1-hour interval before the next group of members allowed to enter.
  6. Maximum number of participants in an activity or space will be confirmed by the relevant section in line with the guidance to operate spaces/activities at 30% capacity.
  7. Entrance to Club only permitted through the Main Entrance.
  8. All entrants to the Club must undergo a temperature check and sanitize their hands.
  9. Security will review the result of QR Code Scan and entry will be subjected to member’s colour code. Allowed: Green and Yellow. Prohibited: Red, Blue and Purple.
  10. Security will perform random checks on entrants against the booking records.
  11. Follow social distancing indicators when queuing to enter the Club. Maintain 2 metre social distance.
  12. Sanitizing/sterilizing anything touched (door handles, counters, pens, etc).
  13. Only kids of 14 years old and above is allowed at the Main Building.
  14. Kids below 14 years old should be accompanied by parents only to dine-in.

NOTE: Any non-compliance to the guidance document will be taken very seriously, with consequence management applied, including removing access to the activity booking system and an interview with the Chair of the COVID19 Task Force.


  1. Avoid physical contact (eg. Handshakes). Avoid touching face with hands. Members MUST use own towels to wipe faces and hands.
  2. Members encouraged to wear masks, or/and gloves where applicable. Members advised to bring own sanitizers for protection and encouraged to bring your own drinking water.
  3. Use your own equipment. Sharing is strictly prohibited.
  4. When using an exercise mat, use a towel and lay it on your mat.


To allow members have equal opportunity and ensure operations run smoothly.

  1. All activities must be PRE-BOOKED minimum 1-day in advance per activity.  Please arrive and leave close to your allotted times as possible.
  2. Members allowed to pre-book 2x per calendar week per member (excluding organised section classes eg Dance and Music).
    Eg. Tennis – Monday, 1st May 2020 (Anna)
           Gym – Thursday, 4th May 2020 (Anna).
  1. Maximum pre-booking 2 weeks in advance per activity.
  2. Booking for weekends and Monday to be done on Friday.  If next day is Public Holiday, booking is to be done one working day before.
  3. NO booking for others allowed (except for dependents).
  4. Booking will be first come first serve basis.
  5. All next day booking list including Tennis bookings need to be submitted to Club Admin not later than 2pm on the same day.  This will be vetted by the Club staff to ensure that members do not book more than 1 activity in a day according the guidelines provided above.

Online Booking is now available for Booking of Gym, Tennis Wall, MPH Big Hall for Basketball / Netball, Padang, Lawn Bowl, Kayak Equiment and Tri-fit.  For inquiry please contact below number from Monday to Friday except Public Holidays.  For Support after office hours or public holidays: or Whatsapp +673 8817370.



Phone Number

Email Address

7.00am to 11.00am



12.00pm to 4.00pm



List of permissible activities:

Permissible activities

Specific rules



  • Golf Course - 7am to 5pm
  • Driving Range - 8am to 9pm
  • Please refer to Golf Guidelines


Solo Player

Tennis Wall/Practice Court

  • Player to arrive and leave the practice court at exact time to avoid congestion.
  • Only 1 person
  • Only 1 hour per game
  • Bring own racket and tennis ball


Maximum 2 solo players

  • Maximum of 2 solo players at a time
  • No spectators or sitting around the greens
  • No handling of anyone else’s balls and/or equipment
  • Must use 2 jacks and move jacks with feet – jack at either end
  • No rolling jacks by freehand
  • Keep hands clean, use sanitizer before and after bowling
  • Leave grounds as soon as roll up over
  • No organized competitions


Solo player

  • No contact sports, and no sharing of equipment
  • Pre-booking is required
  • Cricket, football, rugby and hockey are NOT allowed
  • Maintain physical distancing of 2 meters with maximum of 5 person must be observed at all times
  • Only 1 hour per activity per player


  • physical distancing of 2 meters must be observed at all times.


  • Maintain physical distancing of 2 meters must be observed at all times.


  • Pre-booking required
  • Only 1 person per piece of equipment per hour per day
  • Allow 2 hours interval before next user
  • Equipment cleaning facilities to be available




  • Maximum 5 pax per single entry excluding Gym instructor
  • Gym instructor to communicate in advance to advise on social distancing requirements upon arrival or booking and after finishing workout
  • Ensure the equipment that is used is 2 meters apart from the next person
  • Otherwise, wait for that person to finish
  • Wear gloves to wipe down the equipment with sanitizer
  • Dispose gloves after use
  • Allow 1hr interval before next group to disinfect equipment



  • QR Codes must be scanned upon entry (before class) and when you exit (after class)
  • Parents will hand over their child to the teacher or volunteer
    Parents are not allowed to stay inside the MPH including waiting area on MPH 1st floor including inside the Jungle House
  • The students must bring their own water bottles.  Unnecessary things like toys and things that might catch other children's attention are prohibited.
  • Parents must inform their children that strict discipline is going to be observed throughout the class
  • No loitering around after the class
    Parents must be ready to pickup their children on time
  • Tippy toes, Pre-Primary and Primary ballet to continue with their respective classes online


  • Pre-booking with music instructor
  • 30% of room capacity whilst adhering to social distancing guideline
  • Avoid physical contact and sharing of instruments
  • Instruments in the classes to be sanitized before next lesson
  • Allow 1hr intervals before next lesson
  • Fixed location (next to main music room)


  • Pre-booking with instructor/section
  • 30% of room capacity whilst adhering to social distancing guideline
  • Avoid physical contact and sharing of yoga mats
  • Allow 1hr intervals before next lesson
  • Fixed location (Jungle house - Maximum 10 pax)


  • Pre-booking with instructor/section
  • 30% of room capacity whilst adhering to social distancing guideline
  • Avoid physical contact
  • Bring own mats when required
  • Allow 1hr intervals before next lesson
  • Fixed location (MPH - Maximum 10 pax)
  • Small MPH 8 members + instructor
    Big MPH 14 members + instructor
    Skatepark 5 members + instructor


  • Pre-booking with instructor/section
  • 30% of room capacity whilst adhering to social distancing guideline
  • Avoid physical contact and sharing of exercise mats
  • Fixed location (Pelangi Room - Maximum 10 pax)



Solo players

  • Only open for shooting practice or drills
  • 1 person per half court
  • No sharing of equipment
  • 1 vs 1 is not allowed. No contact activity is permissible
  • Use gloves to wipe down the basketball balls with sanitizer before and after use
  • Encouraged to bring own basketball balls


  • 7am to 7pm

Please be reminded that before the breaking of fasting hours / Iftar, food is to be bought for take outs only


  • 3375976


  • 3372350


To avoid overcrowding and smooth operation, we propose to open as shown below except Tri-fit as of 1st June 2020:

20th May 2020

21st May 2020

22nd May 2020

  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Library
  • Gym
  • MPH

*Additional activities to Wednesday

  • Music
  • Dance
  • Yoga
  • AOL

*Additional activities to Thursday

  • Padang
  • Beach Activities



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