New Club Security Acess System & Gates Closure (Update)

Dear Members

We will activate the turnstiles and keycard entries system effective 5th February 2020 but in stages, starting with Main Building and Swimming Pool Main Entrance. 

  • Turnstiles are located at 2 entrances:  Main Building and Golf Area

  • Keycard Entries are located at 3 entrances:  Gym, Swimming Pool and Multipurpose Hall.

Therefore, kindly ensure to carry your new club membership card with you at all times when in the club.   For those who have not collected your new card from the member services office, kindly be informed of the extended collection time:  Monday to Saturday - 7am to 7pm.

    Below Gates are now opened from 6am-12noon and locked from 12noon to 6am.  For assistance, please call 337 - 5980 (Foyer Security).

    • Gate M - Tennis Courts to Padang

    • Gate N - Back Road.

    During the pre-run stage, please observe all safety signage and follow the guidance from the club security guards.  With this pre run, we hope to be able to fine tune or rectify any issues arise before the actual full operation on the 1st March 2020.

    Mr. Turnstile would like to remind everyone to use the new baffle gate safely.  According to him, the baffle gate only allows one person at a time to pass through.

    Parents or child carers with under aged children are advised to tap per entry.  One tap for adult and another for the child to enter.  This is to avoid from getting caught in between the arms.



    Your kind cooperation is highly appreciated.

    Panaga Club Management

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