A Message From The Club President

This week I attended my final Management Committee Meeting as President of the Panaga Club and during the meeting I handed over my responsibilities as President to Andrey Shuvalov.  It has been a real honour and privilege to serve as president of a club with such heritage and to make my contribution to the continued development of the club.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in this role and so it is with some reluctance that I pass on my responsibilities.

At the start of my term as president I set myself the objective of maximizing utilization of the club and where possible upgrade the facilities.  It has been a very busy three years and despite not being able to proceed with the large-scale refurbishment of the club, that was previously planned, I am genuinely pleased with the progress we have made.  So much has been achieved and I hope that the development of Azul at the beach last year and the recently opened Lotus Lounge are visible demonstrations of how we have responded to the changing requirements of our membership and to enhance the club facilities for the future.  The change in membership structure implemented last year also introduced a more inclusive approach to club membership with better integration across sections and providing some incentives to increase membership numbers.

As I complete my term as President, I would like to convey my sincere thanks to all the staff at the Panaga Club who have tirelessly supported the initiatives we have introduced during the last three years.  The club staff also worked through a very challenging year in 2020 with the response to the COVID pandemic requiring almost constant changes to club operations and activities, your efforts are appreciated as you demonstrated great resilience to maintain club activities whenever possible. 

I would like to thank the volunteers on the management committee who all contribute significant time to support Panaga Club and represent the sections with great energy and commitment.  I also really appreciate the great work by the many volunteers in the sections who contribute so much to deliver the ever-expanding range of sports and activities at the club.

Finally, I would like to thank the club membership for supporting me as your president and for your continued participation at the club, please also join me in wishing Andrey well in his new role as President of the Panaga Club.

David Hughes
Club President