Message from Club President (September 2018)

The Panaga Club has a long and prestigious history, so I was delighted and honoured to be asked to take over as Club President.

I would first like to thank Bjorn Melaa for his leadership of the Club over the last three years - which has seen many positive changes to the way the Club is operating, and also developing the plans for the future of the Club.  

I have attended my first Panaga Club Management Committee Meeting and I am pleased to report that I have an excellent team operating and maintaining the Club and associated facilities.  We also have very enthusiastic volunteers representing the Sections on the Management Committee.  These important roles provide a direct connection from the Club members to the Management Committee. We are often looking for volunteers for these positions.  If you are interested in getting more involved with any of the Sections, then please contact the respective Section Chairperson or Division Heads.

I have been working in Brunei with BSP for the last 18 months and live in Panaga with my wife, Gail.  We have three grown up sons who are all studying or working in the UK but are all frequent visitors to Panaga.  When our children were much younger, we enjoyed living in Malaysia and Thailand.  So, we were very excited to have this opportunity to come back to SE Asia to live and work in Brunei Darussalam.  Our experience in Panaga, so far, has been brilliant.  We have really enjoyed the broad spectrum of activities available in the Panaga community and the diverse experiences available in Brunei, Borneo and across SE Asia.

These are exciting times for the Panaga Club, with Project Hijau defining how we prepare the Club infrastructure for the next 30+ years.  Project Hijau will refurbish and expand t he club facilities. However, the objective is much more than the physical buildings and facilities. The Panaga Club Constitution confirms the objective of the club as “ promote social, sports and cultural activities for members...”  My intent with Project Hijau is to re-establish the club at the very heart of the Panaga community by providing the Club members and their families with the recreational activities, social engagement and support that they require to enjoy their time in Brunei fully.

I appreciate the expectations that come with the role of the President and I hope that during my time I am able to meet some of your expectations in how the Club operates and develops for the future.  Please be reassured that I will always do my best for the Club.  I will strive to continue the development of the Club through my leadership, the continued hard work of the Panaga Club team, and of course your active participation as well.

Kind Regards,

David Hughes
Panaga Club President

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