Library - Online Book Borrowing System

Great news everyone!

Panaga Club Library is now launching an online book borrowing system.

To borrow books, please email your books requests from the books lists to

Book List - English

Book List - Dutch

Please note book requests should include:

  • Your membership number

  • Book title

  • Author name

  • Book section (Young Adult, English fiction etc as listed on the Excel list title)

Each member is only allowed to borrow 5 items (books, magazines or DVDs).  Books will be loaned for 3 weeks as per current process.  Members will need to return borrowed items before requesting new ones.

Books can be collected every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday;  8am to 11 am.  Please only come for collection after you receive an email that your books are ready for collection.

Books will be held for you for two consecutive collection days. If not collected by then, they will be re-shelved.

Please note that due to the remote nature of the library, we will only be lending books currently available.  If your requested book is not in the bundle, please request it again in your next email, we cannot handle book reservations at the moment.

Books can be returned every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the Panaga Club during opening hours through the book return box outside the library.

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