Haze / Dehydration / Sun-burn / Sun-Stroke

Dear Members

Panaga Club is committed to the safety and wellbeing of its members.

Climatic conditions has contributed to the weather becoming hotter and sunnier than normal with a combination of haze.  Even if it is cloudy, the risk of sun-burn/sun-stroke/feeling of discomfort is present especially when participating in outdoor activities.

Therefore, to minimize the risk of dehydration/sun-burn/sun-stroke including exposure to haze, it is recommended to:

  • Drink sufficient fluids and take regular breaks during outdoor activities

  • Wear sun-screen and a hat

  • Wear protective swimwear when swimming/sailing

  • If you or someone else is feeling unwell, please take a rest in the shade, drink water and seek assistance. 

Members are advised to take extra precautions with babies and young children.

If you need assistance during your activities, please go to our Security counter.  We also have our HSSE Organisation Chart around the Club, so that you may be able to recognize our First Aiders.

Geoffrey Sim
Panaga Club HSSE Focal Point.

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