A Message from The Club President

Dear Panaga Club Members,

What a year 2020 has been! New threats, new norms and of course new opportunities.

As the world learned to navigate the new normal, so did all of us at the Club. With easing of COVID restrictions in Brunei, the Club has emerged as the heart of our community, a place where we spend time with kids, meet friends, practice our hobbies and make progress with our earlier resolutions.

I would like to thank all our Members for being patient throughout the year and for working with the Club staff to find solutions to the challenges that have emerged.

I would like to thank the staff for their continued commitment. It is fantastic to have a team we can depend on. I would also like to recognize my predecessor David Hughes’ contributions, especially the work done to put in place a great Club Management Committee. Lastly to our volunteers: thank you for the immeasurably valuable work you have done, your dedication is essential to our community. We cannot do it without you. We would not want to do it without you. You bring ideas, positive energy and set an extraordinary example for us.

As we look forward to 2021 we have many plans to continue to improve the Club and will do so with 3 overarching goals in mind. First, we are fully committed to maintaining a safe environment. This involves compliance with the rules and adequate response to threats. Second is the enhancement of the Members experience or simply put - having a good time at the Club. This involves ensuring we have functioning equipment, an attractive site, helpful staff, friendly Members and balance between routine flow and new events. Our third goal is long term sustainability of the Club, this involves budgeting, major repairs and new projects to satisfy needs of Members today and in the future.

I hope you get some quality time off over the end of the year.

Happy holidays!

Andrey Shuvalov on behalf of Management Committee