2019 Club Aiming For Continuous Improvement

Dear Members,

The Panaga Management Team are constantly thinking of ways to improve the control that we implement in and around the Club.  Therefore, starting from this year, we are encouraging our personnel to become more proactive in checking up on everyone inside the Panaga Club.  We will mostly be doing these random checks at areas where we know big numbers of people frequently gather.  As a reminder, please be sure to renew your expired passes, apply passes for your family members and guardian who will be in the premises on their own (if they don’t have them yet), and follow the rules, terms and conditions as clearly stated by the Management Team and Committee.  The dates of when these checks will take place will not be disclosed.

The reason why we are doing this is because we have taken in your comments and we would like to show you that you are being heard.  We thank you so much for your suggestions, comments and advice in 2018, and will use this year to keep improving our ways, for the sake of our members and to protect our valuable asset.  Please do not hesitate to write in to us if you have any more.

Best Regards,

Panaga Club Managements


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