Operational Readiness 4 - Activity Guidelines (26/7/2020)

  • The Club opens 7am to 10pm daily.
  • Gym, indoor and outdoor sports facilities operate at 100% capacity.
  • Team sports are allowed for training only with maximum 10 persons per group.
  • Swapping or exchanging of player or group is allowed.
  • Restrictions on matches and organized sports are still in place.
  • Contact sports are allowed for training sessions only which do not involve sparring exercises.
  • Swimming pool operates at 60% capacity (total number of people in the pool should not exceed 30), for individuals 12 years and above. Open 5 days a week on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday.
  • Golf Course operates fully.  2 persons per buggy are allowed.
  • Mass gatherings can host up to 100 people for 2 hours only.
  • Serikandi & Azul operates at maximum capacity with social distancing but buffets are still not allowed.
  • Club Surau operates at maximum capacity.

It is reminded that everyone should continue being diligent with their personal hygiene, social distancing and following guidelines by the Ministry including scanning your BruHealth QR code, temperature scan and hands sanitizing or washing.  Always practice social responsibility & physical distancing.  Limit physical contact and equipment sharing.  Ensure to sanitize your hands before and after each activity.

If in doubt about any of this guidance please seek guidance from the Club Manager.

General Rules

  1. Scan QR code or PremiseScan upon entry (before activity/class) and exit from all facilities (after activity/class) and this is applicable to all ages including children.  The Club will be able to reject your attendance if QR code is not available upon entry.  Security will review the result of QR Code Scan and entry will be subjected to member’s colour code. Allowed: Green and Yellow . Prohibited: Red, Blue and Purple.
  2. All entrants to the Club must undergo a temperature check and sanitize their hands.
  3. Ensure to sanitize your hands before and after each activity.
  4. Always practice social responsibility & physical distancing. Limit physical contact and equipment sharing.
  5. If you are unwell or sick, please don’t come to the club.
  6. Members only, NO day/week passes or guests allowed except for golfing only.
  7. Guests are allowed for dine-in only and must be accompanied by a Club Member at all times.
  8. No age restriction except for Swimming Pool.
  9. No pre-bookings require except for Swimming Pool or at Section’s discretion.
  10. No gap for cleaning; sanitizing only when regular cleaning is scheduled (once a day).
    NOTE: Any non-compliance to the guidance document will be taken very seriously, with consequence management applied, including removing access to the activity booking system and an interview with the Chair of the COVID19 Task Force.

    Below are activities that still require or have pre-booking online or not running in full capacity as per Section’s discretion.


    Open Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays (5 days a week)

    Time: 5am to 8pm

    • Big pool only; Toddler is still closed
    • Strictly aged 12 years and above
    • Total number of people in the pool does not exceed 30      Please keep all lane ropes in the pool unless it is open for Aquafit classes
    • Must be pre-booked online
    • Bring own drinking water and santizer
    • Arrive and leave as close to your slotted times as possible
    • Always practice social responsibility & physical distancing

    Lap Swimming

    • 3 lanes; 2 swimmers per lane
    • Booking of specific lanes is no longer required
    • 1 hour per slot per lane  

    Leisure Swimming

    • Remaining pool (without lane ropes)
    • Maximum 24 members  

    Aquafit Class with Nikki on every Tuesday @ 1pm to 1.45pm

    • Whole pool
    • Maximum 30 members
    • 45 minutes

    Swimming Lessons

    • Mondays @ 2.30pm-5pm - Lessons (3 lanes)
    • Tuesdays & Thursdays@ 9.30am-10.30am / 7pm-8pm - Lessons (1 lane)
    • Tuesdays @ 1pm-1.45pm - Aquafit Class (whole pool)
    • Saturdays @ 9.30am-10.30am / 2.30pm-3.30pm - Lessons (2 lanes)
    • Golf Course @ 6am to 6pm
    • Driving Range @ 8am to 9pm
    • Open to all members, reciprocal members and non-members from registered golf clubs only.
    • Non-members shall be required to pay for the Panaga Club day pass and the applicable PGC green fees.
    • All Golfers must book for their Golf game slots in advance (up to 5 days allowed).
    • The Driving Range is fully open, all bays are available, hours of operation as per normal (No pre-booking required).
    • Bookings can be made by calling PGC office +673 337 3142 / +673 337 5958 between 8am and 4pm.
    For more details, please refer to Golf Guidelines


    • No pre-booking is required
    • 5am to 10pm
    • Closed for cleaning @ 2pm to 3pm


    • Adhoc Use/Booking for Indoor & Outdoor Sport Activity or An Event
    • MPH and Padang (field)
    • 2 hours only per slot / event
    • Indoor & Outdoor Sport Activity
      For training session only
      No more than 10 persons per group
    • An Event
      No more than 100 persons per day / event
    • Must be pre-booked at least one working day in advance
      For booking or enquiry, please contact:
      Christina @ 337 2205 or christina@panagaclub.com


    • For children in Junior Comp Squad & Comp Squad
    • Thursday @ 5pm-6pm
    • 1 hour slot
    • 1 group of 5 children per half field
    • For training session only
    • Must be pre-booked online


    • B$10 per dinghy per slot
      "No Show" fee of $10 will apply
      (as you occupy a slot which others could have booked)

    • Up to Sunday, 23rd August 2020
    • Sundays 8am-1.30pm
    • Wind generally light early morning (suitable for the younger ones) increasing to a more fun level ~midday
    • 1 hour per session; 4 slots per day
    • Maximum 5 members per slot
    • Accompanied passenger – can be anyone aged 8 and older, as long as children are able to swim (life jackets are provided)
    • Members only, No day/week passes or guests allowed
    • Boats will be Lasers and Topaz’s skippered by experienced sailors who will take a passenger
    • Existing KBBC sailors who are comfortable sailing Lasers/Topaz’s can also take a passenger
    • Must be pre-booked online
    • All participants must be “green” on BruHealth app and scan QR code at Panaga Club Boatshed gate
    • Hand sanitizers are available at Panaga Club
    • Adhere to 1.5m social distancing
    • In general use of club equipment in saltwater is regarded as low risk of Virus remaining “alive” however virus can remain infectious for up to 3 days on plastic/polyester etc, therefore all club equipment used will be rinsed and disinfected between each use, including lifejackets
    • No physical contact sports and no sharing of equipment
    • No loitering around after the activity
      Parents must be ready to pickup their children on time
    • Arrive and leave as close to your slotted times as possible
    • No pre-booking is required
    • Max 60 persons (adults & kids)
    • Opening Days Monday to Saturday
      Click for Updated Library Opening Times
    • Subject to to volunteer availability
    • For children of all ages
    • Members can now borrow books as per the rules, i.e. 6 items per couple (or single status) and 2 items per each child A maximum of 3 DVDs can be borrowed at a time
    • The books will be loaned out for 3 weeks and magazines for 1 week Overdue books will be fined Reservation system will once again be put in place for any book not currently in the library
    • Loaned books can be returned every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the Panaga Club during opening hours through the book return box outside the library


    • Beach Hut
    • 100% capacity
    • Tuesday to Sunday @ 7am to 10pm
    • 337 5976


    • Poolside Cafeteria
    • Kenyalang Kafe  
    • 100% capacity
    • Daily @ 7am to 10pm
    • 337 2350