BSRC Members Holiday Camp on 9 - 13 September 2019

Following on from a successful run of our inaugural BSRC Holiday Camp, by OMNISports International and in collaboration with Brunei Shell Recreational Club (BSRC), we are organizing OMNI's 5th School Holiday Camp this coming September holiday! The camp will take place at BSRC, Kuala Belait for the 2nd time around.

OMNI's top international directors are aiming to develop and mould kid's aged 5 - 13 in this exciting 5-days event. The main aims of the camp are:

  • To provide a platform for kids from different local schools to interact in an active and creative lifestyle.

  • To introduce a variety of activities from multi-sports, creative canvas painting and enriching craft programs to the participants.

  • To create hands-on opportunities for kids to foster a variety of skills including creative problem solving, teamwork and leadership.

The camp will be unique as we are partnering with Jo Art Gallery and Fast Track Kids to expand kid's thoughts through other forms of learning such as Arts and Crafts.

Event Details:

Date:    09th September 2019 to 13th September 2019

Time:    8.30 am – 12 pm (Sporty Zone)

              2 pm – 4 pm (Creative Zone)

Venue: Brunei Shell Recreation Club

To Sign Up:

  1. Click Link

  2. BSRC members code is: BSRC564367

  3. You can select Card or Cash(Pay at Door) for payment

    Once the form is completed, you will receive a waiver and consent form to print and bring during payment/registration.

  4. Cash payment can be made at BSRC admin to Aidah (Contact No: 337 3499)

  5. Completed form and payment will then receive a confirmation of reserved dates via WhatsApp messages.

So what are you waiting for?

Sign your kids up for this exciting opportunity today!

Hope to see you there!