April 2019, PNHS, Upcoming Events -

BiographyMark Easterbrook presently lives and works in Iraq, for Basrah Gas Company, a Shell joint venture, on a rotational basis. During his time off he travels to ecological hot-spots which are home to unique animal species or ecosystems, with a particular focus on the human and wildlife interactions in the location.Two particular volunteer experiences have triggered a great interest in the opportunities to support the animal, ecosystem and human populations that make particular environments home. His experience in the Kinabatangun River region of Sabbah, and the Namib desert region of Namibia, made real the challenges of people and animals living...

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March 2019, PNHS, Upcoming Events -

Explore an endangered forest: Badas peat dome walk, Saturday March 16, 8.30 am Join us for a short foray into the Badas peat dome with Dr Jon Davies, consultant with Wetlands International Brunei, and expert on protecting one of the world’s most endangered types of forest – and it’s right here on our doorstep. Wear appropriate clothing: long sleeves and trousers, sensible shoes, sunscreen, insect repellent and hat Bring a cold drink and snack, along with binoculars (if you have them) Saturday March 16, 8:30am Turn off the Seria bypass at Jalan Badas, you will see our cars parked there;...

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