Want to earn $20 for 1-minute's work

All you need to do is complete our 1-minute survey asking about your most recent visit to the Club's Serikandi restaurant.  Click to share your opinion for a chance to win one of four $20 vouchers to spend in the club's restaurant or on any merchandise.

Tell us what you think we are doing well, where we are failing and what changes could be brought in.  Your voice is vital for us to make the best decisions when planning future catering options available to our members.

This is your opportunity to get it off your chest, the good and the bad, but also enter a prize draw for a chance to take your family or friends for dinner on us.

The first prize draw will take place on 1 March, followed by another three Fridays when a lucky winner will be chosen at random.

The winner of the $20 voucher will be announced in our club's Friday newsletter in the first instance, so keep an eye out.  Have a minute spare?  Fill the survey in now using this link