Panaga Club


Visitors and Guests

Temporary Members

Brunei Shell JV Companies Visitors

  • Any Brunei Shell JV Companies Visitor on business
  • Maximum three months in any one year
  • Sponsored by Brunei Shell JV Companies

Brunei Shell JV Companies Contractor, EPA or SDB Employees or Visitors

  • Any Brunei Shell JV Companies Contractor or Sub Contractor, EPA or SDB Employee or Visitor who is in Brunei Darussalam for a period of up to two months in any one year


  • Any Brunei Shell JV Companies Contractor or Sub Contractor Employee while awaiting approval of Associate Membership and for a period of up to two weeks only in any one year
  • Status equivalent to Senior Staff
  • Sponsored by employer, but not accorded credit facilities

Family Visitors

  • Any relative of a MEMBER i.e.
    • sons or daughters over the age of 21 years
    • sons-in-law or daughters-in-law
    • parents or parents-in-law
    • brothers, sisters, brothers-in-law or sisters-in-law
  • For a period of up to thirteen weeks in any one year
  • Sponsored by the MEMBER

Non-Family Visitors

  • Any friend of a MEMBER
  • For a period of up to thirteen weeks in any one year
  • No more than two persons at a time
  • Sponsored by the MEMBER

Day Visitor

  • Any family or friend of a MEMBER
  • Sponsored by the MEMBER
  • Accompanied by the MEMBER on Club premises
  • Maximum of three entries per month
  • Day Visitor is not allowed to undertake a course or lesson unless otherwise approved by Management Committee

Reciprocal Members

  • Members of other Clubs with which The Panaga Club has agreed reciprocal rights
  • Only applies to members of reciprocal Clubs who are not resident in the Belait District
  • Maximum of fourteen reciprocal visits per year
  • No right to introduce Temporary Members
  • No credit facilities accorded
  • Free reciprocal uses of Panaga Club facilities by reciprocal Club members are restricted to those that both Clubs offer.  To use or participate in other sections activities, reciprocal members must pay those sections’ fees.  Members wanting to play golf shall bring their handicap cards and proof or evidence of their personal golf insurance policies
  • Maximum of fourteen reciprocal visits per year can be waived for members of Piasau Boat Club upon payment of an annual fee

Child Carer’s Special Pass

  1. A Child Carers pass may be provided to families of MEMBERS.
  2. For NON-WORKING SPOUSE, kindly provide reason for inability to accompany your child/ren.
  3. It is the MEMBER’s responsibility to declare or update any change on your Child Carer.
  4. Access to Nominated Club Areas is allowed from Monday to Friday up to 6 pm only inclusive of school holiday periods but excluding Brunei Public Holidays and Weekends.
  5. NO ACCESS TO SWIMMING POOL FOR LEISURE EXCEPT TO ACCOMPANY THE MEMBER’S CHILD TO STINGRAY SWIM LESSONS. Children attending Stingray Swim lessons must still be accompanied by parents or guardian (Nominated Member Representative) including approved Child Carer therefore, the security guards has the right to refuse entry to the unaccompanied children.
  6. A Child Carer is allowed access only for the purpose of supervising the MEMBER’s children under the age of 12 years. Only one (1) nominated Child Carer will be provided access per family.   The Child Carer shall wear the Club Pass at all times.  The Child Carer must remain in the vicinity of the children and their activities.  The Child Carer is not allowed to use the pass to bring other Member’s children into the Club.  Abuse of this pass will result in loss of the privileges.
  7. The Child Carer may sign Club chits under MEMBER’s account and access to Club Restaurants or Cafes for take away only.

    Panaga Club Main Playground / Panaga Club Organised Activities / Panaga Club Jungle House.