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Section Registration & Resignation Forms

Please return completed form to the Panaga Club Administration Office.



I/We and/or my/our family acknowledge:

Any persons entering the Club’s property and/or using the Club’s facilities:

  • do so entirely at own risk and neither the Club nor the Club’s management, volunteers or committee members, members or any employees shall be liable in any manner whatsoever for:
  • any claim or damage arising or suffered either directly or indirectly from personal injury or harm whatsoever, including death, or any damage whether direct or indirect to personal or other property whatsoever, and howsoever caused.
  • shall, by doing so, be deemed to indemnify the Club against any liability for damages, howsoever caused.
  • in addition your presence on golf facilities/grounds indicates that you have accepted the limits of liability resulting from inherent risks of Golf activities.  Golf facility/ground is not a spectator area.

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Resignation Rules

For resignation/cancellation of Section Membership/Lesson, please complete this Section Cancellation Form except for Dance, Music and Tennis Lessons the forms are available below.

Cancellation notice can be submitted via email to who will send an acknowledgement reply or any further action requires.

Cancellation of membership does not entitle me to any refund, in full or pro rata rebate.  Cancellation of membership must be advised in writing to the Panaga Club Administration Office or Section Committee member.

Members who resign are only allowed to re-apply as full member after six months from the cancellation date otherwise temporary membership shall apply with advance charges as per period applied for.

  • Culture Division and its Sections
  1. Arts & Crafts [Registration Form ]
  2. Library [Registration Form ] From 1st April 2018 [ Registration Form 1April2018] [Rules ]
  3. Panaga Natural History Society (PNHS) [Registration Form ]
  4. Panaga Photographic Society (PPS) [Registration Form ]
  • Golf Division
  1. Golf – Full [Registration Form] /  [Information Sheet ]
  2. Golf – Temporary  [Registration Form]
  • Health & Fitness Division and its Sections
  1. Arts of Living (AOL)
  2. Badminton [Registration Form ]
  3. Basketball [Registration Form ] Panaga Dragons Basketball for Kids [Registration Form]
  4. Fitness Centre (Gymnasium) for Adult & Junior Member (Aged 16+) [Registration Form] [Information Sheet]
  5. Netball (Aged 18+) [Registration Form ]
  6. Tri Fit [Registration Form ]
  7. Yoga [Registration Form ]
  • Kuala Belait Boat Club (KBBC) and its Sections
  1. Dinghy Sailing
  2. Kayak / Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) [Registration Form]
  3. Power boats & Fishing
  4. Rowing
  5. Sub Aqua (PSAC) / Diving
  6. Windsurfing [Registration Form ] /  [Information Sheet ]
  7. Yachting [Registration Form]  Note:  There are separate charges for Yachting Usage & Sailing.
  • Performing Arts
  1. Panaga Dance Centre (PDC) Lesson: Online Registration Forms – Click below: / [Resignation Form] / [Information Sheet]
    1)  Ballet
    2)  Hip Hop
    3) Tippy Toes
  2. Jam Factory
  3. Music Society of Panaga (MSP) – Lesson: Online Forms:  [Registration Form] / [Resignation Form]
  4. Social Dance [Registration Form ]
  5. The Amateur Dramatics Society (TADS)
  • Social
  1. American Club [Registration Form ]
  2. Bridge
  3. Brunei Brits Club
  4. Community Event
  5. Dutch Community [Registration Form ]
  6. Friends United Network (F.U.N.)
  7. German Society of Panaga
  8. Indian Community [Registration Form]
  9. Indonesian Community
  10. Jungle Tots [Registration Form ]
  11. Kiwi Club Social Section [Registration Form ]
  12. Latino Community [Registration Form ]
  13. Nigerian Community [Registration Form ]
  14. 1st Panaga Cub (Aged 7-10) [Registration Form ] / [Information Sheet ]
    1st Panaga Scout (Aged 11-17) [Registration Form ] / [Information Sheet ]
  15. Santa’s Grotto
  16. Scottish Community [Registration Form]
  17. Youth Club [Registration Form] / [Medical & Rules] [Mission]
  • Sports
  1. Athletics (Panas)
  2. Cricket [Registration Form ]
  3. Football
  4. Football Academy for Kids P1 till P8 only and Football Tots for Kids Pre-Nursery till P1 only [Registration Form ] / [ Information Sheet ]
  5. Hockey [Registration Form ]
  6. Lawn Bowls [Registration Form]
  7. Rugby [Registration Form]
  8. Stingray Swim – Lesson: [Registration Form ] /  [Information Sheet] [Lesson Overview ]
  9. Tennis Membership [Registration Form] / [Online Tennis Court Booking]
  10. Tennis Group Lesson: [Information Sheet ] [Online Registration] / [ Resignation Form ]

Note for Section Committee Members » For any changes or updates in the registration form, kindly inform below Administration Membership Team.

For Section Use Only

  1. Outside Food/Drink – [Application Form]


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Administration Membership Team below:

Administrative AssistantAmbrose Linggang337 5754

Senior Administrative AssistantHjh Jainah Hj Majid337 2265 / 8184302 /
Head of AdministrationNor Yap337 2930 /