Panaga Club


Club Registration & Cancellation Forms

1)  Registration

To view eligibility to join Panaga Club Membership, different Categories, Application Forms and Subscription Fees, please click below Membership Application Forms. 

Please return completed form to the Panaga Club Administration Office.


2)  Cancellation Rules

For cancellation of Club Membership, please complete one of these forms:  For BSJV – Panaga Club Cancellation Form or For Non BSJV Members – Club Membership Cancellation Form

Cancellation notice can be submitted via email to or who will send an acknowledgement reply or any further action requires.

Cancellation of membership does not entitle me to any refund, in full or pro rata rebate.  Cancellation of membership must be advised in writing to the Panaga Club Administration Office.

Members who resign are only allowed to re-apply as full member after six months from the cancellation date.



I/We and/or my/our family acknowledge:

Any persons entering the Club’s property and/or using the Club’s facilities:

o   do so entirely at own risk and neither the Club nor the Club’s management, volunteers or committee members, members or any employees shall be liable in any manner whatsoever for:

o   any claim or damage arising or suffered either directly or indirectly from personal injury or harm whatsoever, including death, or any damage whether direct or indirect to personal or other property whatsoever, and howsoever caused.

o   shall, by doing so, be deemed to indemnify the Club against any liability for damages, howsoever caused.


Panaga Club Membership Categories

New Application Approval process of at least two (2) working days [Overview Process]

  1. Full Member – Brunei Shell JV Companies Employee [Membership Application Form]
  2. Associate Member – Brunei Shell JV Companies Contractor [Membership Application Form]
  3. Associate Member – Government [Membership Application Form]
    Associate Member – for ISB Teaching Staff [Membership Application Form]
  4. Associate Member – Brunei Garrison [Membership Application Form ]
  5. Associate Member – Retiree [Membership Application Form]
  6. Associate Member – Special [Membership Application Form]
  7. Associate Member – Corporate [Membership Application Form]
  8. Associate Member – Mature Dependent (Children over the age of 21) [Membership Application Form]
  9. Temporary Member – Visitor On Temporary Duty With Brunei Shell JV Companies [Membership Application Form ] and [Package for BSJV Visitors] [Fitness Centre (Gym) Registration Form] [Tennis Registration Form ] [Online Tennis Court Booking]
  10. Temporary Member – Visitor On Temporary Duty With Brunei Shell JV Companies Contractor [Membership Application Form ]
  11. Temporary Member – Family Visitor [Membership Application Form ]
  12. Temporary Member – Non Family Visitor excluding Amah [Membership Application Form ]
  13. Day Visitor Pass for Panaga Club or Kuala Belait Boat Club (KBBC) – A Member must apply from Club Security on the same day
    13a)  Any family or friend of a MEMBER including Amah
    13b)  Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by the MEMBER or an adult Family Visitor on Club premises
    13c)  Sponsored by a Member
    13d)  Accompanied by the Sponsoring Member on Club premises
    13e)  A Day Visitor is not allowed to undertake a course or lesson
  14. Day Visitor Pass – For Driving Range only – Member must apply at Golf Administration Office on the same day
    14a)  Anyone (non-members) aged 18 years or above
    14b)  Does not require a Member to sponsor
    14c)  No limits
  15. Reciprocal Plus Member (A Piasau Boat Club Member) [Membership Application Form]
  16. Visiting Reciprocal Member
    16a)  Member of a Reciprocal Club (List of Reciprocal Clubs) (Panaga Club – Reciprocal Information Sheet)
    16b)  Maximum of fourteen reciprocal visits per year
    16c)  Non Belait District Resident
    16d)  Payments by coupons to be purchased at Panaga Club or Kuala Belait Boat Club (KBBC) F&B outlets
    16e)  Members when visiting Panaga Club must show a ‘Reciprocal or Introductory card’ to the security staff upon entry, to our Catering staff to be able to purchase restaurant coupons and upon request by other Club staff in order to make use of our facilities.  Admission to the Club can be rightfully refused if ‘Reciprocal or Introductory card’ cannot be shown on request.
    16e)  Guest upon prior approval may accompany reciprocal members to food & beverage outlets only.
    Guests may not use any Club facilities including swimming pool.
  17. Reciprocal Clubs – Panaga Club Members when visiting one of the Clubs must obtain a “Reciprocal” card or letter in advance from the Golf or Club Administration Office (Tel. 337 3142 / 5958 or 337 5754 / 2265) .  Members wanting to play golf at one of the affiliated Clubs should carry their handicap card as well.
    Kindly take note that Credit Facility is not extended at all the Reciprocal Clubs.  Some Clubs may require all Visitors to make payments at the point of placing their orders – be it food or drinks.  No exceptions.  But if you choose to run a tab, kindly inform them as you may need to leave your credit card behind the bar.
  18. Child Carer’s Special Pass for Amah – [Application Form]

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Administration Membership Team below:

Head of Administration

Nor Yap

337 2930 / 8817370

Administrative Assistant

Ambrose Linggang

337 5754

Senior Administrative Assistant

Hjh Jainah Hj Majid

337 2265 / 8184302 / 8856477