Panaga Club


MPH Booking Rules & Fee


  • B$150 For Private Event by Member or Company 
  1.  The requester is a member of the Panaga Club except for BSJV’s event (to provide service number to confirm BSJV employee) and to duly complete & return the booking application form no less than two weeks prior to the event.  No tickets shall be sold for the event.
  2. It is the organiser’s sole responsibility to ensure everyone involved is aware and properly briefed on BSP’s safety requirements during preparation, setting up or clearing up before, during or after the event.  The Club is not liable for any incidents or accidents that may occur before, during or after the event.
  3. Catering
    • Food and drinks must be catered from Panaga Club Caterer but only allowed on MPH balcony.
    • No food is to be consumed in both halls (big and small halls).
    • No alcoholic beverages and pork or non-halal meat to be brought in and consumed within the club premises as some of the Catering & Housekeeping Staff are Muslim who do the cleaning.
  4. No decorations, nails, thumb-tacks or hooks to be screwed into the wall.
  5. Anyone entering the hall must wear appropriate sport shoes and clothing.  Dirty or inappropriate shoes that may spoil the wooden floor will not be allowed.
  6. All non members participating or attending the booked event must pay a $5 Day Pass Visitor/person/day except for Company sponsored event and Club Section’s  invited visiting teams to compete against Club Section’s teams.
  7. The organiser is responsible to submit a list of non member names to Club Secretary for security guard at least a week before the event.
  8. Please be reminded on Safety Awareness at Club such as Evacuation Procedure and Government law for Social Event in BSP Area.  Please take note on the number of persons allowed in the venue used for safety & security reasons.
  9. There are claims for damage cause during the hire etc.
  10. The closing time of the MPH is 9 pm.  For use of the amenity beyond 9 pm, a written time extension request must be submitted to the Club Manager for approval no less than two weeks in advance.
  11. Overtime/Service Charge – Should staff work after working hours/off days or additional staff (Housekeeping, Maintenance, etc) be required, an overtime of $15 per hour per staff will be charged for member’s/section’s account.
  12. Additional security guard(s) will be required for large function i.e. 100 persons or more at member’s/section’s account:  ~$9 per hour per security guard.
  13. Other Charges:
    1. There is a charge of $115 (including set-up) for the hire of the Disco equipment.
    2. Camp services party loan – A hire fee of $25 (excluding transportation charge) for member’s/section’s account.  For BSP member’s account there is no transportation charge incurred.  The transportation charge is $70 per hour and the total hours to be charged is about 8 hours i.e. 4 hours delivery or collection (loading/unloading).  The members or requesting section are responsible to make themselves or nominated person available during the delivery and collection of the loan item as to check/verify the quantity.  Any loss or damage will be charged to member’s/section’s account.
  14. Brunei Shell JV Co or BS JV Co Contractor function solely for the benefit of Company & BSJV Co employees.
    • For BSJV Co event, the organiser to provide his/her service number while for BS JV Co Contractor event, to be booked by a Club Member only.
    • Food and drinks must be catered from Panaga Club.
    • Any BSJV sponsored lunch/dinner/other only – To fill in the “Authorisation for Company Sponsored Lunch/Dinner/Other” form and obtain authorisation prior to your planned use of the facility.  If you do not obtain authorisation in advance, you can still use the facility but you will be charged personally for the expenditure incurred.  You can settle these charges with the Company through the Company expense claim procedure.