Panaga Club


Venue Booking Rules & Fees

Please acknowledge the below guidelines and understand that all persons are subject to Club Rules while on the premises:

Amenities Booking Guidelines & Event Safety Management

Waiver & Indemnity for Event Participation at Panaga Club, PGC & KBBC

  1. The requester is a member of the Panaga Club except for BSJV’s event and to duly complete & return the booking application form no less than two weeks prior to the event.  No tickets shall be sold for the event.  A penalty fee of $50 shall be imposed if cancellation is less than five working days.
  2. Catering – Food and drinks must be catered from Panaga Club Caterer at Panaga Club premises and KBBC Caterer at KBBC premises.  No outside food/drink or external shall be used on Panaga Club and KBBC premises.
  3. No stalls or sale of items either by Section, Member or 3rd Party Trader without prior MCM approval.  If yes, to fill in a separate application form.
    Tariff Schedule for Venue Hire and Stall Holder & Guidelines on Stall Holder
  4. Please be reminded on Safety Awareness at Club such as Evacuation Procedure and Lightning Strike Warning including Government law for Social Event in BSP Area.  Please take note on the number of persons allowed in the venue used for safety & security reasons.  Safety & Security Awareness
  5. Bouncer (if to be used)
    • To be erected on bouncer area only (see floor plan layout where available).
    • Bouncer must not be erected on the Beach Shelter ground, grass areas or dyke but may be situated on the beach frontage at organizer’s risk.
    • It is the organizer’s responsibility to liaise/check with the bouncer supplier on electrical safety of their blowers and extension leads.  The supplier must provide own generators and use of Panaga Club electricity is not permitted.
  6. Non Members
    • For Section event only – All events with tickets (published in Club newsletter) must pay $5 extra (to be included in the non-member ticket price).
    • To apply a $5 Day Pass Visitor for any non members participating or attending Section evenings, presentations, performances, etc.
    • Guests (accompanied by a member) are allowed to have lunch or dinner at the Club without having to pay $5.  Guests must sign their names at the security guard and members are responsible for the conduct of their guests.
    • Non members are allowed in the Club:
      – Sport event, tournament and competitions
      – Non member performing for members such Performer or Presentator.
    • The non members are limited only to an area they are participating.
    • The organizer is responsible to submit a list of non member names to Club Secretary for security guard at least a week before the event.
  7. For use of the amenity beyond 10.30 pm for Panaga Club or 10 pm for KBBC, a written time extension request must be submitted to the Club Manager for approval no less than two weeks in advance.
  8. Overtime/Service Charge
    • Should staff work after working hours/off days or additional staff (Housekeeping, Maintenance, etc) be required, an overtime of $15 per hour per staff will be charged for member’s/section’s account except for section official event which is opened to members and published at least two weeks in Club newsletter.
    • Panaga Club – $10 per hour per staff on duty after 10.30 p.m.
    • KBBC – $40 per hour for 5 staff on duty after 10 p.m. or at least $128 up to 1 am OR $30 service charge for event before 10 a.m.
  9. Additional security guard(s) will be required for large function i.e. 100 persons or more at member’s/section’s account:  ~$9 per hour per security guard.
  10. Other Charges:
    • There is a charge of $115 (including set-up) for the hire of the Jam Factory equipment or Disco equipment.
    • There is a charge of $50 per unit for the first four days for the hire of stage block outside Club premises and thereafter $25 per unit per day.  Organiser to arrange own transportation & ensure that the stage block is covered or in covered area at all times.  The organizer shall be liable to be charged for any damage or loss.
    • There is a charge of $50 for the hire of maintenance PA system only for lunch or dinner in Teratai Restaurant.
    • There is a charge of $2 for function which requires Police permission no less two weeks in advance.
    • Camp services party loan – A hire fee of $25 (excluding transportation charge) for member’s/section’s account.  For BSP member’s account there is no transportation charge incurred.  The transportation charge is $70 per hour and the total hours to be charged is about 8 hours i.e. 4 hours delivery or collection (loading/unloading).  The members or requesting section are responsible to make themselves or nominated person available during the delivery and collection of the loan item as to check/verify the quantity.  Any loss or damage will be charged to member’s/section’s account.
  11. No stiletto style high heel shoes are to be worn in areas where there is parquet wooden flooring such as Teratai Restaurant, Main Hall, Pelangi Room, etc.
  12. Any decorations need prior approval from the Club Secretary.  No decorations to be placed on the wall.  No nails, thumbtacks, hooks, etc are to be screwed into the wall of ceiling except for those already in place and also no sticking tape, which will peel off the paint or vanish.  No additional constructions are to be built in the hall or connected to the existing walls etc.  The user is responsible to clear up after the function (remove all set-up materials), Panaga Club will clean after the function (wash and polish floors etc.).  There are claims for damage caused during hire etc.
  13. Prior approval should be obtained from the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs via Kuala Belait District Office for any collection for public purposes, which includes charitable including fund raising, stating fully the purpose of the contributions or subscriptions and any other necessary particulars and information.

  14. HIRE FEES – For exclusive reservation amenity for a member’s private function e.g. birthday, wedding, graduation, family gathering, etc.

    1. Annex Room – $50.
    2. Beach Shelter – $50 (Half or Whole area).
      • Catering Opening Hours: Friday 11am-8pm / Saturday 10am-8pm / Sunday 10am-7pm
      • Only half of the area is allowed to be booked – Normal catering opening hours
      • Whole area is allowed to be booked – Outside catering opening hours.
    3. Jam Factory (excluding equipment) – $150.
      • Member and registered guests only.  Non-members can only enter as guests i.e. together with a member.
      • For Section’s function, there will be a strict “no ticket – no entry” rule. Tickets will not be sold at the door.
    4. Jungle House
      • Jungle House playground equipment for children aged under 5 years only.  All Jungle Tots equipment including the trikes (locked ones) on the playground is for Jungle Tots Section members only.

      a)      Main Room, Garden & Pitch – $150.
      b)      Jungle Tots Equipment – $25 (For Jungle Tots Section members only).

    5. KBBC
      a)  Clubhouse/Restaurant (1st Floor) – No Fee.
      b)  Chart Room (1st Floor) – No Fee.
      c)  Splash Pool:  Jungle Tots member – $45 / Non Jungle Tots member – $55.
      d)  KBBC Kid’s Furniture (2 tables & 16 chairs). – $15.
      e)  KBBC Laminated Pots (2 units – 1m high; Fill up with water and ice to serve cool drinks) – $35 each.
      f)   Vehicle access is only permitted for unloading/loading.  No vehicles are to be parked in the KBBC compound at any time.  No vehicles are to drive on the wooden section of the boat ramp due to safety reason.
    6. Main Hall – $250.
    7. Multi Purpose Hall (MPH) – Big hall (for Sports activity only) – $150.
    8. Padang:
      a)  For Club Section use:
            i)   No Padang marking – No Fee.
            ii)  Padang marking / Articles on Padang such as tents, etc / Padang is closed to other Sections for use – $15.
      b)  For Private Event by a Member or Company use: With or without Padang marking / Articles on Padang such as tents, etc / Padang is closed to other Sections for use – $150.
    9. Pelangi / Balcony – $250.
    10. Pool & Poolside – For Section’s activity or event only.
  15. HIRE FEESFor Brunei Shell JV Co or BS JV Co Contractor function

Brunei Shell JV Co or BS JV Co Contractor function solely for the benefit of Company & BSJV Co employees excluding lunch, dinner or snack & drinks.  For BSJV Co event, the organizer to provide his/her service number while for BS JV Co Contractor event, to be booked by a Club Member only.

         i)    $50 – Annex room or Beach Shelter or KBBC Splash Pool.
         ii)   $150 – Jam Factory (excluding equipment) or MPH – Big hall (for Sports activity only) or Padang.
         ii)   $250 – Main Hall or Pelangi / Balcony.

Any BSJV sponsored lunch/dinner/other only – To fill in the “Authorisation for Company Sponsored Lunch/Dinner/Other” form and obtain authorization prior to your planned use of the facility.  If you do not obtain authorisation in advance, you can still use the facility but you will be charged personally for the expenditure incurred.  You can settle these charges with the Company through the Company expense claim procedure.