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Key Handling Procedures – Effective 25/9/2017 No Club Membership Card, No Key


Dear all,

The Panaga Club would like to announce about a new procedure that will take effect on 25th September 2017.

Section keys that have been placed at the Front Desk will now be centralised inside the Administrations Department.  This is to avoid any incident, near misses, mishaps, forgery and unapproved duplication from happening.  Sections are required to hand in ALL keys, and duplicates, to the Administrations Office no later than 22nd September 2017.



  1. Hand over all keys to Administrations Office by 22nd September 2017;
  2. Inform Administrations how many keys are given – signature needed to confirm and verify the number of keys;
  3. Indicate what these keys open;
  4. Indicate which users are authorised to take keys out e.g. “Only members of the section” or “ Provided that the key holders are informed.”



  1. Keys will no longer be signed in/out by members;
  2. Keys will ONLY be signed in/out by Administration Team or Club Attendants;
  3. When none of these authorised signatories are available, the Section’s Key Personnel (Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary) or Panaga Club Serikandi Restaurant Managers will be able to sign keys in/out;
  4. If possible, keys are to be booked in advance, or we will release keys on a first-come-first-served basis;
  5. Bookings can be made by contacting the Administration Team (numbers and emails below);
  6. Keys will only be released after being signed off by authorised signatories AND surrender of Membership Card – no membership card, no keys;
  7. You will only be able to get your Membership Cards when you return the keys – if keys are not returned timely, requestor will be blocked from the next booking;
  8. A fine of $50 will be imposed to those who do not return keys and/or brings keys home.




Focal Points


Office Hours

Monday – Thursday

7AM – 4PM



7AM – 12Noon / 2PM – 4PM

Administration Team

Ambrose, 3375754


Razali/Hafizah, 3372234


Hjh Jainah, 3372265 / 8856477


Nor Yap, 3372930


After Office Hours, Weekends &

Public Holidays

Club Attendants


Serikandi Managers


Section Chairperson or Treasurer or Secretary


Hafiz, 8688583; Yussuf, 7201207


3372350 (Office);
Abhijith, 7194886; Zaki, 8762936


Thank you.


Panaga Club Management Committee