Panaga Club


Reciprocal Members with Panaga Club, PGC & KBBC – Information Sheet

Panaga Club Reciprocal Information Sheet


Waiver & Indemnity for Event Participation at Panaga Club, PGC & KBBC


Club Constitution:

5.2.e    (6)        Reciprocal Members


(a)        Members of other Clubs with which Panaga Club has agreed reciprocal rights

(b)        Only applies to members of reciprocal Clubs who are not resident in the Belait District

(c)        Maximum of fourteen reciprocal visits per year

(d)        No right to introduce Temporary Members

(e)        No credit facilities accorded

(f)        Free reciprocal use of Panaga Club facilities by reciprocal Club members are restricted to those that both Clubs offer. To use or participate in other Section activities, reciprocal members must pay those Section fees.  Members wanting to play golf shall bring their handicap cards and proof or evidence of their personal golf insurance policies

(g)       5.2.e(6)(c) can be waived for members of Piasau Boat Club upon payment of an annual fee. This Member is defined as Reciprocal Plus Member.