Panaga Club


Upgrade Of Panaga Club Facilities

The Club management is currently preparing to undertake a significant upgrade of the Panaga Club facilities. Many of you may already have been involved in consultation regarding the wishes and needs of the Divisions and the Sections. The project, named Hijau (Green), has a few aims:

  • Prepare the facility for the next 30 years of use (it is over 50 years old now)
  • Enhance the environmental credentials and features of the facility
  • Reduce ongoing and long-term maintenance costs

While it is not the driver per se, there is a clear opportunity to also redesign the functionality of many spaces at the Club. This will enable us to assign more space to activities for which there is more demand and reduce space allocation where facilities are no longer or rarely used. It will also allow us to group certain functions such as the Club staff, who are currently dispersed throughout the facility, or to co-locate facilities for related activities.


We are currently engaging an architect to progress the initial concepts that have been presented to us by a variety of firms. It is the intent to ensure that we fully think through the project requirements and wishes before we start construction. We are aspiring to keep the Club open during the project, but inevitably some disruption will occur to some activities. It may be required to close the facility for a limited time, something that we would aim to carefully align to create the least disruption possible if required. The project is being taken led by a team of volunteers and BSP staff. A Decision Review Board will ensure that we make good decisions.


As more specific information becomes available, we will share this with you via this newsletter and displays at the Club. The project will be funded by the owner of the Panaga Club, BSP.