Panaga Club


Lost And Found

Dear Members,

The Panaga Club keeps up with our decluttering on a regular basis in order to avoid accumulating too much junk and outdated items.  We do the same to our Lost and Found.

If you feel that you have left anything at the Club and don’t know whom to approach, you may visit the Administrators’ Office and enquire within.  We still have some items from three years ago because we feel that they might be precious to their owners.  Drop by during office hours to have a look. Who knows, you might be reunited with a lost treasure. 

However, everyone is still urged to take care of your belongings.  Check that you leave the Club with the same items that you came with.  Although we carry out our duty to keep items that are handed to us, or those that are found, items that are left around the Club premises are treated as being done so at Members’ own risk.

We also have rentable lockers that you might want to use.


Thank you for your attention and have a nice day.


Best Regards,

Nisa Halim

Operations Manager.