Panaga Club


Issue 10 Maintenance Newsletter and Festival Things

Dear all

In case you missed it, here is the 10th issue of the Maintenance Newsletter.  But the main message in this post is to remind you all about the Panaga Club Festival that will take place in a week’s time!  We are still getting requests to register as vendors and open up stalls because this is just how excited other people are about 22 September 2018!  We will have a lot of activities taking place during that day too!  I have attached a few posters just to rouse your curiosity.  Follow our Instagram @officialpanagaclub for more updates and to check if your favourite stalls are joining.

Not to miss out on the Sections too!  We have our own Sections joining the Festival, showcasing their specialty and organizing activities for everyone!  There is still time for your Section to join, just get in touch with Nor Yap in the Admin to get listed!  Here’s a list of the Sections that have registered:

  • The Last Straw
  • Arts & Crafts Section
  • Art of Living Section (AOL)
  • Chinese Community Section
  • Friends United Network Section (FUN)
  • Girl guides
  • Golf Section
  • Indian Community Section
  • Jungle Tots Section
  • Library Section
  • Music Society of Panaga (MSP)
  • Panaga Natural History Society (PNHS)
  • Scottish Community Section
  • The Amateur Dramatics Society (TADS)
  • Tri-Fit Section

Big Thank You for joining hands with us to make this Festival happen.  Do pass this message on and bring everyone you know!

One other thing, there might not be enough parking spaces for everyone, so Members are encouraged to car pool, cycle or walk to the Club.  Makes it even more environmentally friendly, doesn’t it?

See you soon!


Best Regards,

Panaga Club Festival Staff Members and Organising Committee.






























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