Panaga Club


Children Supervision During Music Lessons

Dear Members,

Following on from feedback from members and staff with regards to child safety issues, The Panaga Club will be instituting a new requirement with regards to the supervision of children during music lessons.


What is changing:

Children under the age of 10 will be required to be supervised at all times during their music lessons. It is the expectation that a child be supervised by a parent or an appropriate delegate during a music lesson. If no one is available to supervise then the lesson will not go ahead and will be classed as a missed lesson, and billed as normal. Please note that it is the responsibility of the member to provide appropriate supervision during the music lesson.


Why is this changing:

Recommendations and learnings from new members have highlighted potential gaps in the area of child protection within the club which require urgent attention. The measure implemented above is intended to improve the safety of young children whilst on club premises.  Please note the music teachers have the full support of the Panaga club MCM for the excellent service they provide to our membership and we look forward to them continuing their highly valued roles going forward.



Best Regards,

Rob Harris

Performing Arts Member