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Panaga Club, E5, Simpang 464, Jalan Utara, Seria KB3534, Negara Brunei Darussalam

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Panaga Club Staff and Catering Contact Details


AccountsHead of FinanceIrene Castillano
AccountsAccountant AssistantYong Pui
AccountsAccounts ClerkDahlia
AccountsAccounts ClerkNorhafizah
AccountsAccount Office Duty Phone 7252442 
AdministrationHead of AdministrationNor Yap2930 /
AdministrationAdministrative AssistantAmbrose
AdministrationSenior Administrative AssistantHjh Jainah Hj Majid2265 / 8184302 /
AdministrationVenue Booking AdministratorRazali Hj
AdministrationOffice AssistantHafizah
AdministrationMPH Sports Booking ClerkChristina M Achaw2204 / 2205 /
MaintenanceClub Attendant (MPH)Abd Hafiz Abd Latip

Muhd Yusof Mohammad

AdministrationMPH Foyer 7740 
AdministrationPanaga Club (in Admin Office)FAX3333607 
CateringKBBC – Serikandi
Didi Amirah / Abhijith Jayakumar 
 4103 / 7194886
CateringPanaga Club – SerikandiImteyaz
CateringPanaga Club – SerikandiAbhijith Jayakumar
 Panaga Club – SerikandiNurazimah Abu Bakar
2350 /
CateringPanaga Club – SerikandiBeach Shelter3293 
CateringPanaga Club – SerikandiPoolside Cafeteria2204 x233 
CateringPanaga Club – SerikandiGolf Halfway House Canteen3331 
CateringPanaga Club – SerikandiKenyalang Kafe2204 x231 
CateringPanaga Club – SerikandiPoolside Round Bar2204 x230 
CateringPanaga Club – Panaga Mauri Chef
CateringPanaga Club – Panaga Mauri Teratai Restaurant (1st Floor)2646 /
Contract/ProcurementContract & Procurement CoordinatorShaeyna Khan7943 / 8760455
DanceTeacherFritz G
Fitness CentreInstructor 5055
GolfHead of Golf Admin (PGC)Salami Hj Jakuran5958 /
GolfGolf Course SupervisorHj Zaini Hj
GolfGolf StarterMd Khairul Azmi
GolfGolf Starter / HutMohammad Ishak
Bujang Sabtu
GolfGolf ProPaul Bryant5753 /
GolfGolf Shop
GolfGolf AdministrationFAX4056 
HousekeepingSupervisorGeoffrey Sim2407 /
HousekeepingRoom 7739 
HSSEClub HSSE Focal PointGeoffrey Sim2407 /
Jungle HouseMain Room 8667 
KBBCSenior BoatmenZelani Hj Hassan8864434)
KBBCBoatmenZailan Zaini8128545
KBBCBoatmenKBBC Office4041 
KBBCBoatmenBoat Compound7752 
KBBCEmergencyDuty Phone8805221 
MaintenanceHead of MaintenanceSafrin Kamis2407 /
MaintenanceMaintenance AssistantRaduan Matusin5978 / 7252425 
MaintenanceMaintenance AssistantJames Wong5978 / 8112531 
MaintenanceMaintenance AssistantKamarau ak Jamit5978 / 8134342 
MaintenanceMaintenance AssistantAbd Hafiz Abd Latip

Muhd Yusof Mohammad
8688583 / 5978

7201207 / 5978
Music LessonTeacherAnnalee J
PoolPump Room 7748 
ProjectHead of ProjectGeoffrey Sim2407 /
SecurityKBBC Security Hut 4163 
SecuritySecurity Foyer Counter 5980 
SecuritySecurity Hut (front) 3022 
Stingrays SwimHead Swim CoachGianfranco
Stingrays SwimAssistant Swim CoachSalmah Karim
TennisTennis CoachDomingo S Feliciano5046 /
TennisAssistant Tennis CoachEdward R Lariosa5046 /
TennisTennis CoachNic Danuel A Fernandez5046 /
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