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Panaga Club, E5, Simpang 464, Jalan Utara, Seria KB3534, Negara Brunei Darussalam

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Panaga Club Staff and Catering Contact Details


Accounts Head of Finance Irene Castillano Soon 3691 [email protected]
Accounts Accountant Assistant Yong Pui Chuen 2971 [email protected]
Accounts Accounts Clerk Dahlia Deli 2794 [email protected]
Accounts Accounts Clerk Norhafizah Abdullah 2963 [email protected]
Accounts Account Office Duty Phone   7252442  
Administration Head of Administration Nor Yap 2930 / 8817370 [email protected]
Administration Administrative Assistant Ambrose Linggang 5754 [email protected]
Administration Senior Administrative Assistant Hjh Jainah Hj Majid 2265 / 8184302 / 8856477 [email protected]
Administration Venue Booking Administrator Razali Hj Allias 2234 [email protected]
Administration Office Assistant Hafizah Suhaidi 2234 [email protected]
Administration MPH Sports Booking Clerk Christina M Achaw 2204 / 2205 / 2206 [email protected]
Maintenance Club Attendant (MPH) Abd Hafiz Abd Latip

Muhd Yusof Mohammad

Administration MPH Foyer   7740  
Administration Panaga Club (in Admin Office) FAX 3333607  
Catering KBBC
Catering KBBC
Catering Panaga Club – Serikandi Imteyaz Ahmad 8833058 [email protected]
Catering Panaga Club – Serikandi Mohd Zaki Mohd Hussin  8762936 [email protected]
Catering Panaga Club – Serikandi Abhijith Jayakumar  7194886 [email protected]
  Panaga Club – Serikandi Amynorwani
2350 / 7750 [email protected]
Catering Panaga Club – Serikandi Beach Shelter 3293  
Catering Panaga Club – Serikandi Poolside Cafeteria 2204 x233  
Catering Panaga Club – Serikandi Golf Halfway House Canteen 3331  
Catering Panaga Club – Serikandi Kenyalang Kafe 2204 x231  
Catering Panaga Club – Serikandi Poolside Round Bar 2204 x230  
Catering Panaga Club – Panaga Mauri  Chef Mauri 8715444 [email protected]
Catering Panaga Club – Panaga Mauri  Teratai Restaurant (1st Floor) 2646 / 3347144 [email protected]
Contract/Procurement Contract & Procurement Coordinator Shaeyna Khan 7943 / 7100034 [email protected]
Dance Teacher Rufo Nilo J Maltu 8971387 [email protected]
Dance Teacher Fritz G Dereje 8326022 [email protected]
Fitness Centre Instructor Nobel Lee 5055 / 7151211 [email protected]
Golf Head of Golf Admin (PGC) Salami Hj Jakuran 5958 / 8854188 [email protected]
[email protected]
Golf Golf Course Supervisor Hj Zaini Hj Tungal 3142 [email protected]
Golf PGC Administrative Assist Hj Azman Hj Mokti 7747 [email protected]
Golf Golf Starter Md Khairul Azmi Abdullah 3142 [email protected]
Golf Golf Starter / Hut Mohammad Ishak
Bujang Sabtu
Golf Golf Pro Paul Bryant 5753 / 7209108 [email protected]
Golf Golf Shop   5996 [email protected]
Golf Golf Administration FAX 4056  
Housekeeping Supervisor Geoffrey Sim 2407 / 7252325 [email protected]
Housekeeping Room   7739  
HSSE Club HSSE Focal Point Geoffrey Sim 2407 / 7252325 [email protected]
Jungle House Main Room   2197  
KBBC Senior Boatmen Zelani Hj Hassan 8864434 ) [email protected]
KBBC Boatmen Zailan Zaini 8128545
KBBC Boatmen KBBC Office 4041  
KBBC Boatmen Boat Compound 7752  
KBBC Emergency Duty Phone 8805221  
Maintenance Head of Maintenance Safrin Kamis 2407 / 7153951 [email protected]
Maintenance Maintenance Assistant Raduan Matusin 5978 / 7252425  
Maintenance Maintenance Assistant James Wong 5978 / 8112531  
Maintenance Maintenance Assistant Kamarau ak Jamit 5978 / 8134342  
Maintenance Maintenance Assistant Abd Hafiz Abd Latip

Muhd Yusof Mohammad
8688583 / 5978

7201207 / 5978
Music Lesson Teacher Annalee J Castillo-Moya 5054 [email protected]
Pool Head of Swimming Pool Hj Mohd Said Hj Sani 7764 / 8874228 [email protected]
Pool Pump Room   7748  
Project Head of Project Geoffrey Sim 2407 / 7252325 [email protected]
Security KBBC Security Hut   4163  
Security Security Foyer Counter   5980  
Security Security Hut (front)   3022  
Stingrays Swim Head Swim Coach Gianfranco Saphone 7229425 [email protected]
Stingrays Swim Assistant Swim Coach Salmah Karim   [email protected]
Tennis Tennis Coach Domingo S Feliciano 5046 / 8902018 [email protected]
[email protected]
Tennis Assistant Tennis Coach Edward R Lariosa 5046 / 8979033 [email protected]
Tennis Tennis Coach Nic Danuel A Fernandez 5046 / 7129177 [email protected]
Website / Newsletter       [email protected]
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